Quiz: How Should You 'Do' Asia?

3 March 2015
Read Time: 3.7 mins

Asia is the world's largest continent and a land of many faces, places and cultures. If you haven't got a city or country in mind, whittling down the list of potential places to go – and how to get around – can be a little overwhelming.

Thailand or Bali? Vietnam or Cambodia? Grassroots or 5-star? Escorted or DIY? Buddymoon or couple's getaway? The options are truly endless.

Take our quiz to see what holiday style and destination best suits your next Asian adventure.

1. What's your happy place?

a) I love watching David Attenborough docos and I'm not opposed to visiting a museum or two.

b) Food, glorious food. The way to my heart is through my stomach.

c) Pounding the pavement on a 5-kilometre morning jog.

d) Where the party at?

e) Being pampered from head to toe.

2. What do you do in the lead up to a holiday?

a) Study my phrase book and Lonely Planet guide back to front.

b) Research places to eat.

c) Make a shopping list.

d) See if any of my international mates want to meet up while I'm abroad.

e) Count down each and every minute until my flight.

3. What's in your carry-on?

a) Dog-eared guidebooks and a notepad.

b) Snacks

c) An iPad and Macbook Air.

d) What carry-on?

e) A book and some trashy magazines.

4. You've just arrived in a new city and it's late in the evening. What's the first thing you do?

a) Go for a wander to get my bearings.

b) Head straight to a busy street food vendor and dig in.

c) Don a fluffy hotel robe and order a club sandwich from room service.

d) Have a few rounds a nearby bar and party all night.

e) Make a significant dent in my holiday budget at the night markets.

5. On your travels, how do you get from A to B?

a) Preferably with a guide, but I also like free time to explore on my own.

b) Local transportation – buses, trains, tuk tuks, cyclos, ferries etc.

c) In air-conditioned comfort with a private driver.

d) A scooter or motorbike.

e) A fixie bike.

6. Live to eat or eat to live?

a) I want to eat where the locals eat.

b) I'll try anything and everything! Thousand year old eggs, fermented tofu, insects – the weirder the delicacy the better!

c) Only the finest and fanciest restaurants for me, thanks. Michelin starred preferably.

d) Where's the nearest Maccas?

e) I'm open to trying new flavours, but I won't lie – I like having the option of Western cuisine, too.

7. What souvenirs do you bring back for your nearest and dearest?

a) Beautiful, local handicrafts

b) Spice mixes and lollies

c) A pure silk scarf

d) A hug and/or handshake

e) Jewellery and hand-made trinkets

8. How do you work out when travelling?

a) I stay active by exploring on foot wherever possible.

b) Is lifting food from the table to my mouth considered a bicep curl?

c) Every morning in my hotel's state-of-the-art gym.

d) Who's got time to work out when there's things to see and bars to visit?

e) The most I move on holiday is from my room to the bar, pool or massage bed.


Mostly As: Vietnam on an APT Mekong River Cruise

Bubbling with heritage and bursting with pride, Vietnam will welcome you with open arms. You like an equal amount of relaxation, culture and history on your adventures and an APT Mekong River Cruise delivers just that.  Sure, it doesn't hurt that you'll be travelling in total luxury the whole way, but you'll also gain an incredible insight into local life.

With appearances from APT ambassador and celebrity chef, Luke Nguyen, you'll learn the art of Vietnamese cuisine, visit local families (even Luke's relatives), embark on personalised tours through Old Saigon and cruise spectacular Ha Long Bay.

Mostly Bs: Malaysia with Intrepid's Real Food Adventure

 Taste the flavours of Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur

You're the ultimate foodie. You know how to cook but most importantly, you know how to eat. Intrepid's Real Food Adventures are packed with flavour, and the Malaysia itinerary is no exception.

You'll leave no stone unturned (or dish left uneaten) as you tour the country, sampling your way through Kuala Lumpur's best hawker-style street food, mastering the art of Baba Nyonya cuisine and sitting down with local families to enjoy their home-cooked meals.

Don't forget your stretchy eating pants.

Mostly Cs: 5-star Singapore

 Singapore skyline

It's 5-star Singapore all the way for you, my friend. This city-state combines the best of Asia in one island; it's as contemporary as it is cultural, with enough stores, gardens, attractions and galleries to keep you occupied long after a 24-hour stopover.

Live it up large with a few nights at Mandarin Oriental, Fairmont, Raffles or the spectacular Marina Bay Sands. If you can tear yourself away from your lavish hotel, shoppers' paradise Orchard Road awaits, as does an endless list of fine restaurants. The world-class Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant, named after its famed dish, is a definite winner.

Mostly Ds: Thailand with Contiki

 Explore the best of Thailand's west with Contiki (credit: Contiki)

You're the life of the party and in holiday mode, anything goes. You're not afraid to wing it, but you certainly appreciate life's little pleasures, like an air-conditioned room to sleep off the night before. That's where Contiki comes in.

The nine-day Thai Island Hopper West is a good mix of party and adventure. You'll have a clued-up Trip Manager to show the sights, from the aquamarine splendour of Koh Phi Phi to the buzzing nightlife of Patong, but you can also take advantage of free time to explore on your own. Channel your inner Leo Dicaprio when you visit 'The Beach' and if you're feeling active, scale the 1260 steps to the Tiger Cave temple in Krabi.

Mostly Es: All-inclusive Bali

 Club Med Bali (credit: Club Med)

Ahhh Bali, a perennial Australian favourite. Never mind the party hub of Kuta, though. Venture out of town and settle in at one of Bali's incredible all-inclusive resorts. Leave your cares and wallet behind for a few days – the majority of experiences are included in the price so you don't have to worry about the bar tab after that third (or was it fifth?) cocktail.

You can do as little or as much as you please. Bronze by the pool, treat yourself to daily spa treatments, gorge yourself on fine Balinese fare at one of the many restaurants and spend time on the water snorkelling or kayaking. Check out Club Med Bali or the Grand Mirage Bali Hotel.

Anna Howard

Give me street food over Michelin stars, cellar doors over wine bars and small towns and wide open spaces over big cities any day. Travel for me means ticking off the 'to eat and drink' list one regional flavour and wine bottle at a time.