School Study Trips - The Perfect Complement To The Classroom

4 February 2013
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It's that time of the year again - as the summer school holidays come to an end, excited yet slightly nervous kids return to school. Here at Flight Centre, we think the perfect way to complement high school classroom tuition is with an expedition to the actual places, cultures and societies that students are learning about.  To make the process easy for arranging an overseas trip, Flight Centre has a team of dedicated Group Travel Experts who regularly help schools from all around Australia give their students invaluable travel opportunities.

 Rome - Perfect for Latin and History Students

To spark your interest, here are some international destinations that students would benefit from first hand exploration.

Ancient History and Latin students will appreciate the opportunity of exploring the visible evidence of the heart of the Roman Empire. The Rome Forum precinct was the centrepiece of the ancient capital and today it's fascinating to wander through the ruins and to imagine what life must have been like 2000 years ago. Students can even see the exact spot where Brutus was murdered and sit in the largest amphitheatre ever constructed. Those pupils studying Latin will enjoy the chance to explore St Paul's Cathedral and the Vatican museum, which is the last remaining place where Latin is spoken.

As a result of English settlement at Sydney Cove in 1788, we continue to follow many English traditions. The opportunity to experience the country responsible for colonisation is invaluable. In London visit the Greenwich Maritime precinct to gain a greater understanding of Captain James Cook's legacy or take a tour of the Houses of Parliament, as we continue to follow the Westminster system of Government. And of course our head of state resides in Buckingham Palace.

Students studying Japanese will benefit from the opportunity of being surrounded by the language on a tour of Japan. The capital of Tokyo is an obvious choice but also be sure to consider including Osaka and Kyoto on the itinerary. Not only will students be able to work on their pronunciation but they'll gain a greater appreciation of the Japanese culture. For a sobering experience, take the class to the Hiroshima memorial.

France and Belgium
By visiting France and Belgium, Modern History students will be able to see first-hand the places relevant to the First and Second World Wars. They can visit the beaches of Normandy where the D-Day assault happened, see the Flemish town of Ypres that was a pivotal role during World War 1 and admire the spa town of Vichy, which became home to the French Government in 1940.

For a school trip will a different emphasis, teachers may want to encourage their students to help people less fortunate by coordinating a humanitarian visit to India. Using the example set by Mother Teresa, perhaps the class could help build schools in Calcutta.

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