Sean Scott's Cook Islands Photo Diary

5 July 2015
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The Cook Islands are without a doubt heaven on earth with lush jungles and palm-fringed beaches that overlook breathtaking turquoise waters.

Aussie photographer and instagrammer Sean Scott and fellow instagrammer Sjana Earp recently visited the beautiful Cook Islands to experience island life for 10 wonderful days and we're lucky enough to offer a sneak peek into how they spent their time, from sunrise to sunset, through Sean's lens.

 Sunrise best spent in a hammock in the Cook Islands
 One Foot Island
 Sjana swimming through the crystal clear waters
 Perfect clarity beneath the surface
 Suns out fins out!
 Sjana floating about in paradise
 Finning around One Foot Island
 Spending the night on a deserted island near Aitutaki
 Towering palms in the Cook Islands
 Swinging from a coconut tree at sunset
 The glittering Milky Way above Aitutaki

Sophie Leask

Although born and bred in a small Far North Queensland town, I also feel at home in big bustling cities. When it comes to holidays, I tend to plan most of my trips around where to wine and dine, whether it’s fine-dining in New York City, or sampling local delicacies in Siem Reap.