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13 January 2015
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Most people take a trip to Los Angeles for the excitement of Hollywood and Disneyland but have you ever considered heading there for the thrill of a great shopping deal? Did you know that the savings you make on a shopping excursion in L.A. could actually pay for your entire trip there from Australia?

We've compared the prices of some specific items on sale at L.A. outlets and in Australia and it really is possible to pay for your trip with the savings you make on a few key clothing pieces. So, if you're putting together your seasonal wardrobe in Australia anyway, why not enjoy a holiday in L.A. for the same overall spend?

 Desert Hills Premium Outlets

The alluring outlets

Factory outlets allow you the pleasure of purchasing everything from top designer labels to wardrobe basics at heavily discounted prices. Most of the items are from previous seasons but there are plenty of classic pieces on sale.

There are quite a few outlets around L.A. Most are in the form of large outdoor shopping centres. Some are accessible by public transport but others you'll need a private vehicle to get to. Outlets often feature on tour itineraries too.

In L.A. itself:

  • Citadel Outlets
  • Nordstrom Rack

East of L.A.:

  • Ontario Mills
  • Outlets at Orange
  • Cabazon Outlets
  • Desert Hills Premium Outlets
  • Tanger Outlet Centers

South of L.A:

  • Carlsbad Premium Outlets
  • Lake Elsinor Outlets
  • Las Americas Premium Outlets
  • Viejas Outlet Center

North of L.A.:

  • Camarillo Premium Outlets
  • Prime Outlets at Pismo Beach
 Camarillo Premium Outlets

Huge savings

We did some investigation into exactly how much you can save on items that are also available in Australia. At Camarillo and Desert Hills Premium Outlets we found a number of items with amazing discounts.

  1. Saint Laurent mini dress: 1,409 USD versus 2,690 AUD – saving approx. 1,069 AUD
  2. Marni leather tote bag: 665 USD versus 1,677 AUD – saving approx. 912 AUD
  3. Burberry women's trench coat: 699 USD versus 1,550 AUD – saving approx. 780 AUD
  4. Hugo Boss Men's classic wool suit: 599 USD versus 1,009 AUD – saving approx. 319 AUD
  5. Porsche Design running shoes: 288 USD versus 620 AUD – saving approx. 289 AUD
  6. Kipling large suitcase: 239.40 USD versus 450 AUD – saving approx. 175 AUD
  7. Fendi wayfarer sunglasses: 237 USD versus 435 AUD – saving approx. 163 AUD
  8. True Religion denim jeans: 199 USD versus 389 AUD – saving approx. 159 AUD
  9. Calvin Klein ladies pants: 75 USD versus 140 AUD – saving approx. 95 AUD
 Snag yourself some great discounts on top labels such as Hugo Boss

From these examples you can see that there are some huge savings to be made and that by buying a few key items you could save enough to cover an airfare and accommodation package to L.A. (around 1,500 AUD).

It's not often that you get a bonus holiday for simply going shopping. Whether you love shopping or holidays, this a great opportunity. Grab your empty suitcase and head on over. Don't forget your comfy walking shoes though!

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