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17 September 2015
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She’s the golden girl of the Australian music scene. A pop princess, whose stellar career has seen her go from winning The X Factor to becoming a bona fide chart sensation. And when it comes to travel, Samantha Jade’s resume is equally impressive.

From pounding the pavements of Europe’s prettiest cities, to an upcoming trip exploring her roots in India, the Perth-born star can globe-trot with the best of them.

Fresh from touring with One Direction, and with her latest single Shake That flying high in the charts, Flight Centre caught up with the 28-year old songstress to grill her on all things travel related.

 Samantha Jade

What's your favourite holiday?

Last year my family and I had a really tough year, so we decided to go on a family holiday as far away from our home in Perth as possible! We went to London, New York and Paris.

Just me, my dad and my two brothers and then my best friend joined us in London. We shopped, we ate lots, we went sightseeing - it was incredible. We made memories on that trip that will last forever.

What's your carry-on essential?

I always take a good pair of headphones. I use them for listening to music, but flying is also the perfect time for me to listen to my demos and really think about any changes I can make.

 Samantha at work

How do you beat jet lag?

Because I lived in LA for so long, I was going back and forth to Australia all the time, which means that I’m very accustomed to jet lag.

I always make sure to try and stay up until it’s bed time wherever I am. Even if I arrive at 9am, I’ll stay awake. It’s really hard, but if you do it for the first few days you’ll quickly get into a routine

What's your favourite city?

Well, I really love New York, but my favourite city - both for visual and vibrancy reasons - has to be Paris.

It’s just so beautiful, I can’t believe it actually exists! I love everything about it, particularly the architecture and the people.

As soon as I land I get my French food fix: baguettes, crepes…you name it! There’s one cafe near Notre Dame cathedral that I always go to. All the tables face outwards, so it’s perfect for people watching.

 The Notre Dame cafe scene (Image: Getty)

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Adventure or luxury?

I’m an all-out luxury girl! I definitely won’t be doing any rock climbing any time soon. My comfort zone is all about shopping and nice cafes and restaurants.

What's the essential ingredient for a good trip?

You need people that you can travel with who have a similar mindset. You can’t travel well with everyone! Luckily, I have a friend who I travel with that always wants to go with the flow like I do. I can’t stand having a regimented itinerary when I’m on holiday.

Also, I’m a real foodie so I need a good restaurant and cafe list so I can try the best coffee and food that the place has to offer.

What's your top travel tip?

Be open. I’m from Perth, which is a pretty isolated place. In fact, a lot of people I know from there have never travelled.

I think that being open to new cultures when you travel is essential to the experience. I also think that you need to adapt to the local culture a bit, as they’ll likely eat and dress differently.

What's your biggest packing mistake?

Packing too much! I always over do it and then when I’m on holiday, I go shopping and end up having to buy more suitcases to bring all my new clothes back. I never learn!

Where do you want to go next?

I really want to go to India, which is where my dad is from. I’ve been when I was five, but I don’t remember it.

My mum was from Scotland and I’ve been back with her to see where she grew up, which was great. I’d love to do the same with my dad in Bombay and see where he lived and went to school.

 Next stop Mumbai (Image: Getty)

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