Instagrammer Sjana Earp Lives Her New York Dream

24 January 2015
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New York. I had seen it on movies, TV shows and plastered all over the internet, countless pictures of that iconic concrete jungle with its own heartbeat igniting my sense of adventure and tingling my inner wanderlust. I knew it would be big, I knew it would be beautiful and I knew it would be full of adventure. But my experience of New York well and truly exceeded any of my expectations.

 New York soars above expectations

Top Tips

Staying in a prime location and hiring a bike are my main tips for New York City. Staying in the wonderful Hudson Hotel was perfect. We were only a few seconds’ walk from Central Park, and central to almost everything NYC. A short walk from the hotel entrance and my soul would light up brighter than Times Square. The yellow taxis showed the path to any destination and subway rides proved to be adventures in themselves.

 Cycling around the concrete jungle of Manhattan
 And into the natural beauty of Central Park
 New York City lifts the soul
 The subway is an adventure in itself

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Things To Do

Bike riding through the vibrant golden autumn leaves or paddling a boat on the lake in Central Park, walking along the High Line, viewing the city from the top of the Rockefeller building, visiting the Google building, taste-testing sidewalk $3 hotdogs, inhaling the aroma of warm, toffee-coated nuts (the best smell in the world!), drinking more cups of Starbucks than one ever thought imaginable and overlooking the chaos at Grand Central Station – New York captured my heart and will hold a bit of it forever.

 Paddling a boat on the lake in Central Park
 Taking in the view from the top of the Rock
 Sampling the delicious flavours of NYC

It’s everything you can possibly imagine, and just a little bit more.

 New York turns expectations on their head
 The sun sets on a fantastic New York trip

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Sjana Earp

Sjana Earp, born in Australia in 1994, is an adventure seeking, happy-being, yoga-doing photojournalism student taking a gap-year to discover herself and curiously explore the world and its beauty, wonders and culture. Follow her on instagram: @sjanaelise.