A Wild USA Ride With Instagrammer Sjana Earp

14 August 2015
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Sun seeker and yoga goddess Sjana Elise Earp (@sjanaelise) is almost a Los Angeles native by now, but Cali still manages to surprise her at every turn. We chatted with Sjana to get the goss on her latest whirlwind trip to Los Angeles, Anaheim and Las Vegas.

What were your first impressions of LA?

I suppose first impressions were mostly around how hectic the traffic can be, especially flying into LAX. Getting to your accommodation is an adventure in itself!

 Minimalist beauty (Image: Sjana Earp)

What was the 'money shot' you knew you had to have?

The one shot I had in mind was holding some kind of consumable sugar in front of the Disneyland castle! Even though it is so cliché, it's also something I think can never be too over-done. It's such an icon and so wonderful you'd be crazy not to grab a quick happy snap in front of it, even just for memory's sake.

 A cookie salute at Disneyland (Image: Sjana Earp)

What was your moment on the trip?

My favourite shot was just a quick photo taken when my Mum and I had accidentally taken the wrong path (if you could even call it a path - it was more like an intense rockclimb!) to get a view of the Hollywood sign.

We eventually spotted the sign and then then realised the view in the opposite direction was equally as spectacular! Overlooking the whole of LA, I felt on top of the world.

 On top of the world in LA (Image: Sjana Earp)

What are your tips for first-time visitors to LA?

Plan your means of transportation! Whether it be hiring a car or downloading the Uber app, having a way to get from A to B and then to Z will be the best thing you've ever done. There's so much to see - don't miss it!

 The view from up here (Image: Sjana Earp)

Did you discover any particularly 'special' place?

I did! There's a spot off the highway in between Palm Springs and Las Vegas called "Salvation Mountain". It's so beautiful, creative and colourful. I'd definitely recommend adding it to your USA to-do list. You can get some epic pictures here!

 Magic at Salvation Mountain (Image: Sjana Earp)

Were there any 'foodie' highlights?

I love Cafe Gratitude! Everything about that place is beautiful. You order by saying "I am..." and then add the name of one of the menu items. You can choose from dishes like "light-hearted", "thankful", "blessed", "strong" etc.  And the staff are all so lovely!

 These wild (Image: Sjana Earp)

What would you definitely do again or perhaps do differently?

I'd want to extend the road trip and find as many weird, wacky or peculiar things as I possibly could! And I'd take my whole family to share it with. AND, you can never get enough Disneyland.

 Just three Minnies (Image: Sjana Earp)

Describe your journey in three words

Weird, wild and wonderful!

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