Spotlight on Tahiti

16 August 2016
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From black sand beaches to verdant rainforests, Tahiti offers a slice of island paradise in the heart of French Polynesia. When it comes to island getaways, there are few more idyllic locations than Tahiti and its surrounding islands.

With sun-soaked beaches and lush rainforest interiors, it's little wonder this far-flung speck of the South Pacific has lured adventure seekers and holiday lovers to its sunny shores for decades. Dotted with turquoise lagoons and fringed by coral reefs bursting with colour, you can choose your own adventure on a trip to Tahiti.

A golden sunset over the waters of Tahiti, with a boat in the background and an underwater bungalow in the foreground. The tropical waters of Tahiti are beckoning. Picture: Getty Images

Whether you prefer to kick back and relax on the beach, head into the hills for some hiking or venture offshore to explore the underwater world, you'll soon find your niche on the charismatic islands of French Polynesia.

Top Picks

Dip your toes into the warm waters of...

  • Black sand Lafayette Beach.
  • Crystal-clear Bora Bora lagoon.
  • Afareaitu's waterfall rock pools.
A woman in a bikini wades into the crystal-clear waters of Bora Bora Lagoon in French Polynesia. Dip your toes in Bora Bora lagoon. Picture: Getty Images

Enjoy a slice of Tahitian culture in…

  • An authentic outrigger canoe.
  • July – for the Heiva i Tahiti festival.
  • An open-air communal Marae.

Touch of France: French Flavours in the South Pacific

Cultural immersion: Sean Scott Chases Waves & Whales in Tahiti

Open your heart and wallet to…

  • A string of Tahitian black pearls.
  • The stalls of Papeete Municipal Market.
  • Some duty-free French perfume.
A clamshell full of Tahitian black pearls. Be tempted by Tahiti's black pearls. Picture: Getty Images

Sample the tastes of Tahiti with…

  • A sumptuous Poisson Cru.
  • Some mobile roulotte-style dining.
  •  A Sunday feast from a hima'a.

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