Behind The Scenes With Sunrise In London

15 September 2015
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5 days, 5 countries. Flight Centre is on the ground with Sunrise as they make live television history from September 1418. Every day we will provide a behind-the-scenes look at what Kochie, Sam, Nat, Mark and Eddy get up to on their Round The World adventure.

Australia may have woken up to a new Prime Minister this morning, but there's one constant you can still depend on: the Sunrise crew beaming into your living rooms every morning, whether from the comfort of their studio or 17,000 kilometres away in London.

It's Day 2 of Sunrise and Flight Centre's journey around the world, and already nerves are starting to fray. Nat has learned the ups and downs of sleeping pills, Eddy sampled the delicacy of jellied eel, and Kochie warmed our hearts after an emotional reunion with his 'baby girl' Georgie.

Kochie described it as a Love Actually moment; Mark Beretta said it was the highlight of the trip so far (big call). Cue the collective 'awwws'.


A mob of Aussie expats gathered to send their love to family and friends back home, armed with signs and smiles even though it was after 9pm on a school night. Even so, Beretts was hanging out for a traditional English pint and we have a sneaking suspicion Kochie's coffee cup was filled with a nice drop of red, snuck in by young Georgie.

You spoke and Sunrise listened: eating something delicious from Harrod's Food Hall was high up on the list of must-dos and the crew couldn't wait to sink their teeth into some tasty pastries. Thanks to Sue Wilkinson for the suggestion; it made for the perfect midnight snack on a freezing autumn night in London!


Got a son, daughter or friend in London? Chances are theyll turn up on @sunriseon7 this morning! #sunriselondon

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Eddy delivered today's weather forecast from the historical town of York, attempting the impossible task of summing up some 2,000 years of history in two minutes. Then again, Sunrise and Flight Centre are attempting a Round The World journey in 5 days, so why not?

From the birthplace of Kit-Kats, Eddy gives us a rundown on the Golden Fleece (Europe's most haunted hotel) and presents your daily dose of trivia. Did you know York is home to 365 pubs; one for every day of the year? You do now.

Tune into Channel 7 tomorrow from 6am when Sunrise broadcast live from New York City. Don't forget to suggest what our roving reporters should do along the way!

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