Behind The Scenes With Sunrise In New York

16 September 2015
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5 days, 5 countries. Flight Centre is on the ground with Sunrise as they make live television history from September 1418. Every day we will provide a behind-the-scenes look at what Kochie, Sam, Nat, Mark and Eddy get up to on their Round The World adventure.

LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S... Wednesday morning? It's a spectacular Fall day in the Big Apple and the Sunrise crew have officially passed the halfway mark on their journey around the world.

Everything that could go wrong did go wrong with their departure from Heathrow Airport in London. But, in a true story of triumph over adversity (and lengthy delays), Kochie and Co. made it to Rockefeller Plaza with just moments to spare. To take the edge off, Gossip guru Nelson Aspen was on the scene bearing gifts from Macy's. Now that is a true friend. 


We made it!!!! @sunriseon7 on air now from New York!! #sunriseusa

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We all knew this was an ambitious task, tackling five countries in five days, but who doesn't love a challenge? Hair and makeup wizard Garry Siutz displayed grace under pressure with his 'Emergency Exit' makeup station, buffing and brushing any evidence of jet-lag away, with the plane's jump seat acting as an in-flight salon.

A swag of Aussies rolled out to greet the team outside 30 Rock, including the publican from The Australian Bar in midtown Manhattan. If you do happen to swing by for a parma and a schooner of Coopers, tell 'em Kochie sent you. And if you're one of the legends who showed up to see Sunrise in NYC today, you definitely deserve a cold one on the house!

The broadcast ended on a sweet note, with the team sampling Magnolia Bakery's world-famous cupcakes. Thanks to Lia Gardiner for the delicious suggestion!


30 Rock Sunrise style❤️

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Meanwhile on the West Coast, some 4,850 kilometres from the twinkling lights of Times Square, we find Eddy living it up in Mendocino California. Eagle eyes might have recognised Jessica Fletcher's house from Murder She Wrote. It must have rubbed off, because Eddy absolutely killed her one-on-one encounter with the Redwoods.

Oh, and Sam and Kochie caught up with Ed Sheeran. This week has been so jam-packed with highlights, the superstar crooner has been reduced to a footnote. The best is yet to come, my friends.

Tune into Channel 7 tomorrow from 6am when Sunrise broadcast live from Niagara Falls. Don't forget to suggest what our roving reporters should do along the way!

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