Talking Travel with Bonnie Tyler

23 May 2017
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She’s one of the most successful female performers around. A singer who ruled the charts during the 80s with a string of hits, including “It’s a Heartache”, “Holding Out For a Hero” and, of course, the worldwide number one, “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” - songs that cemented her status as power ballad queen.

Over four decades, Bonnie Tyler has notched up countless fans across the globe, alongside millions in record sales - including some of the best-selling singles of all time. Not bad for a coal miner’s daughter from small town Wales. And now, at the age of 65, the Grammy-nominated performer is set to make a return visit Down Under later this year a national run of her Greatest Hits Tour.

Bonnie Tyler is hitting Aussie shores on her next tour.

What's your favourite holiday? 

Portugal, definitely. I love the sun! I have a house and a boat there and my husband and I spend so much of our time there when we’re not on the road. I also love to go skiing. We hit the slopes again this year, but because I’m on tour so much the tour promoters wouldn’t insure me! So, I just went up on the bike to our favourite restaurant on the slopes. My husband ended up doing all the skiing, and I ended up doing all the eating and drinking! I couldn’t afford to have a broken leg this year.

What's your carry-on essential? 

I always have my laptop to watch movies on. My make-up - as women do! - which I never put that in my suitcase, because if I lost it I would really hate it. To replace your make-up is a pain in the arse! Oh, and I’ll bring my husband along too.

How do you beat jet lag?

Try and stay up. For example, when I fly to New York it’s way past my bedtime but I stay up and go to bed when the locals do. I try and do that everywhere I go. It kind of works. The boys in my band take melatonin and they swear by that. I’m very good on the flight usually. On the way to New Zealand recently, I slept for 10 hours!

Tyler loves performing in New Zealand.

Where's your favourite city to perform? 

I loved the gigs in New Zealand. New York is great too - especially a famous blues club there, the name of which I can’t quite remember now.

Adventure or luxury? 

Oh, I’m certainly not an outdoors kind of girl. I used to cycle all the time when I was younger, but I just don’t get the time these days. In fact, I got a brand new bike three years ago but I haven’t had a chance to go on yet. I do all my exercise on stage!

When travelling, I love 5-star hotels. I live in a 5-star house, so why not a 5-star hotel? I’m not gonna stay in any old place. It has to be nice - definitely not the Travel Lodge!

What's the essential ingredient for a good trip?

Friends, family, sunshine, good wine and lovely food.

Tyler ducked off to see the sights in Jerusalem.

What's your top travel tip? 

Try to visit a few local places. When we were in Tel Aviv we went to Bethlehem and I do like to visit historical sites. When you’ve got spare time to do it, it’s always lovely, because you might not have the opportunity to see a place again.

What's your biggest packing mistake? 

Oh, I’m always making mistakes! I don’t have an entourage, so I do it all myself. I take three cases - but I end up with a case full of stuff I never wear usually. So, my usual ‘mistake’ is packing too much. Even after all these years of touring.

Where do you want to go next? 

I go to South Africa on Monday, so let’s say there. I’m very excited, though also a little disappointed. The venue I was going to perform at in Cape Town burnt down recently, so I’m now only doing a show in Johannesburg, which I have to say isn’t my favourite place. It’s very high up, which makes it exhausting to sing. We’ll likely make a return visit to Cape Town regardless though. I had a great time last year - the vineyards are amazing.

Bonnie Tyler’s Greatest Hits Tour is touring nationally in May and June. For more information see


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