Talking Travel With Country Singer Adam Brand

21 December 2016
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He’s Australia’s leading man of country. A singer-songwriter whose stellar career has seen him notch up multiple ARIA Awards, a dozen Golden Guitars and more than half a million in record sales. Adam Brand remains one of modern Australian country music’s giants.

A regular in the Top 10 charts, he became a TV favourite while appearing on Channel 7’s Dancing With The Stars – during which he also took the crown – and has even supported megastar Taylor Swift during one of her US tours. Ahead of his upcoming appearances at January’s Tamworth Country Music Festival, the singer sat down with Flight Centre to talk about his travelling life – and reveals his top Tamworth tips.

Country music singer-songwriter Adam Brand leans against a guitar. Music is a big part of Adam Brand's life and travel plans.

What’s your favourite holiday?

Anywhere by the water. I like a break where I can just put my feet up and relax. I am always on the go for work – touring, recording and the like – so when I take a holiday, I like to really switch off and recharge. Good, fresh food nearby is a must, too!

What’s your carry-on essential?

A good set of headphones. Listening to music is very important for me – obviously – but I also like headphones to cancel background noise, too.

How do you beat jet lag?

First, lots of water. Second, fresh air – I think going for a run or walk after you land is a great idea. And last, I like to have freshly mixed fruit and veg juice to kick my system into gear.

A neon-lit street in downtown Nashville, USA. Live music is not hard to find in downtown Nashville. Picture: Getty Images

What’s your favourite city for live music?

I lived in Nashville for a period of time and you really can't beat the live music culture there. Not just country music, but all types of music. The live music is in every bar and restaurant 24 hours each and every day, so there’s always a great vibe.

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Where was your all-time favourite meal?

Probably when I visit Asia – nowhere specific but I always have amazing meals. The local ingredients and cultural-specific cooking techniques make for memorable, fresh meals. In Australia, my fave local cafe on the Gold Coast, though, is ELK, which is where I always go for the best coffee.

Adam Brand at ELK cafe on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. ELK on the Gold Coast is Adam Brand's favourite coffee haunt.

Adventure or luxury?

I like a bit of both. I love all things adventure and adrenalin and often find I can't sit still for too long when I’m on holiday. Saying that, when I am relaxing then I don't mind a bit of luxury. You can easily combine the two – adventure during the day and some relaxing luxury in the evening. Why not?

What’s the essential ingredient for a good trip?

A comfortable bed!

What’s your top travel tip?

Slow down. A good trip requires time to really experience what you’re doing or where you’re visiting. Often people go on trips and pack way too much in and end up simply rushing through it all to tick off the list, rather than taking the time to take in your surroundings, try new things and mix with the local people. You can learn some pretty cool stuff.

What’s your biggest packing mistake?

Considering how often I tour, I’ve got packing down to a pretty fine art now, but I am guilty of always buying too many new things when I am away.

A close-up of a country music guitarist. Discover all manner of music at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Picture: Getty Images

What’s your advice for a first-time visit to New South Wales' Tamworth Country Music Festival?

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is like no other. It is 10 days of non-stop music and happiness. That’s the one thing you will notice about Tamworth – everyone has a smile on their face the whole time and I am pretty sure no one has ever left not having had a good time.

There’s something on for everyone throughout every day of the festival – from the big headline acts, through to free concerts in pubs, parks, and even buskers on the street. My advice is to simply come along and enjoy the variety and freedom. Oh, and bring your sunscreen and stamina – without either of these, you will definitely be left behind!

Where do you want to go next?

I am about to announce a new national tour for 2017, which will take me right across this beautiful country of ours. But before I kick that off, I’m going to recharge and have a well-deserved break in Thailand. Love that country.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is on January 20-29, 2017. Adam’s new album Get On Your Feet is out February 10, 2017.

* Featured image: Getty Images

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