Tara Whiteman’s Tasmania Adventure

19 March 2015
Read Time: 3.1 mins

We sent Sydney local, food aficionado, design and travel creative and bright young Instagram star @taramilktea on an adventure to sample and savour the delights of Tasmania.

Here’s what she had to say about the Apple Isle, accompanied by her stunning photography. Enjoy!

 Tasting the delights of Tasmania

Was this your first time to Tasmania?

Yes it was. I had been meaning to travel to Tasmania soon, I even had plans to visit this coming August. When this trip came up I was excited to experience it sooner than expected!

How is it different to other parts of Australia? Does it feel quite remote and unique?

I've travelled to Queensland and Victoria before and I live in Sydney. I feel each state is incredibly unique from the others. Tasmania is much more tranquil but still manages to have a lot of character. Even Hobart, the main city, has a peaceful vibe. I think the locals and the history give it its spark. It's such a wonderful place to escape to.

 Contemplation by the Tassie seaside

What was the highlight of the trip in terms of locations you visited?

I truly loved every moment, as each day was so different. However, if I had to pick my favourites they would be: staying in the beachside chalets at Swansea (I've always been drawn to the beach) and our time at Maria Island was my favourite day trip. Maria Island is incredible as each side you go to is completely different from the rest. There are the painted cliffs, which give off an earthy, coastal vibe. Then, there are fossil cliffs, which are stunning as every rock is embedded with ancient fossils. Here, you can really feel the ocean connect with the rocks. My favourite spot on Maria was the cove on the far side; it had white sand and clear blue water. The kind of place you'd find on an exotic Island, but it still felt like Tassie. It was truly spectacular.

 Get swept up in Tasmania's striking landscapes

How did you get around?

Our amazing guide Di drove us around during the entire trip. The landscape on the East Coast changed each day and it was simply stunning to see. I'd highly recommend driving through Tassie, especially along the East Coast.

 Cheese is an important part of every Tasmanian adventure 

Tassie is well known for its food and wine scene, what’s the best meal you had there?

I definitely agree! I'm a huge foodie. My blog and Instagram are dedicated to my food finds. Tassie is a real show off! Every meal we ate was unreal and so unique from the next. My favourite place to eat was Frogmore Creek (the Beef Carpaccio with Truffle Aioli is to die for), then the fresh seafood we had at both Swansea and Freycinet Marine Farm would definitely be the best I've ever had in my life!

 Seafood feast, Tassie style

Did you come across any unique locals (human or otherwise)?

Everyone is so friendly. Really, everyone is! All the locals we encountered would always greet us so politely. I think the slow and tranquil nature of Tasmania works its magic on the people. Our guide Di was the nicest and most thoughtful person I've ever met and she really made my impression of Tasmania a positive one from the get go.

 Cheers, Cascade Brewery

This trip was the ‘Tassie Top 4’. If you had to choose 4 places to recommend to friends to visit, where would they be?

I would definitely recommend all the food spots first up! But I loved the vibes in Freycinet, the calm seaside in Swansea, the unique landscape at Maria Island and the fiery granite at the Bay of Fires.

Most relaxing memory from the trip?

The sunrises and sunsets may have to compete with the bath I had at Freycinet Lodge. Our lodges in Freycinet were exquisitely designed and some overlooked Coles Bay. I had a bath there at 10pm after a long day. Like I said, the vibes in Freycinet are so homey and calming, which made it much more enjoyable. Additionally, waking up in Swansea to overlook the beach was another relaxing moment I won't forget.

 Mesmerised on Maria Island

How old are you (if you don’t mind us asking) and when did you start taking photos?

I'm twenty. I've taken an interest in photography since I was about fifteen but didn't do much about it until a year ago. I launched my blog six months ago and it's been great to see how well people have been responding to my adventures.

What was the first camera you shot on? What do you shoot on now?

I bought a ‘proper’ camera (Canon 600D) three years ago and have been using it ever since!

 Pop-up fruit cart

Are you self-taught or did you study photography?

I'm just a point and shoot girl and have taught myself what to do over the years (I’m no professional!)

How did you get into the travel photography industry?

I wouldn't call myself a professional. I just started sharing my photos on Instagram and my blog and its lead to many amazing opportunities!

 The contrasting colours of Bay of Fires

Where are you off to next?

Two days after my Tassie trip I headed to Asia to visit family and explore parts I hadn't visited before. I visited Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bali and Bangkok. My next big trip will be to the USA at the end of the year!

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