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Tasty Travels: 3 Holidays For Your Tastebuds

22 December 2016
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Savvy travellers who appreciate good food and wine are choosing holiday destinations that speak to the stomach. Here are three destinations where your tastebuds will want you coming back for more. 

Puglia doesn't just have food under its belt, its picturesque clifftop towns are worth a visit too. (Image: Getty)

01. Italy

Although the slow food movement originated in Piedmont, some of the best Italian foods are produced in the southern region of Puglia (the heel of the boot that is Italy) thanks to abundant sunshine, fertile soil and a mostly flat landscape. More olive oil is produced in Puglia than in any other region in Italy, authentic food production techniques are stock standard and food is always enjoyed slowly. For a taster of this culinary paradise try Back-Roads Touring’s ‘Slow Food Tour of Puglia’ – just remember to pack your stretchy pants.

Everything comes fresh in Macedonia, so you're bound to find food full of flavour. (Image: iStock)

02. Macedonia

With gastronomic influences ranging from the ancient Romans to the Ottoman Empire, Balkan cuisine is a fascinating mix of Mediterranean and Eastern European flavours. In Macedonia, in particular, food is often prepared the same way it has been made for centuries. Organic is the norm, meats are free-range and even ‘fast food’ is homemade. Get ready to sample plenty of local delicacies on Intrepid’s ‘Real Food Adventure’ – Montenegro and Macedonia, like honey straight from beehives, home-smoked hams and fresh-pressed olive oils.

Warm up in the Irish winter with a hearty, homemade Irish stew. (Image: iStock)

03. Ireland

Irish food is renowned around the world for its heartiness and robust flavours. Meat and starch are used frequently, with dishes like sausages, potatoes and savoury puddings all making a regular appearance on the dinner table. The Irish stew is one of Ireland’s most celebrated dishes: mutton, potatoes, onions and water, although these days anything goes. On Trafalgar’s ‘Wonders of Britain and Ireland’ tour guests are able to try a traditional Irish stew at a historic family-run cottage in the country as part of the Be My Guest experience.

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