Thailand Ticks All The Boxes

19 April 2017
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Sharmin Lubonski, a consultant from Flight Centre George St Sydney, and a Thailand devotee, tells us tips and tricks for Thailand.

Why do you like recommending holidays to Thailand?

Thailand ticks so many holiday boxes – the people are so welcoming, there are breath-taking beaches and landscapes, wonderful cultural icons to visit, plus it is really good value, where you get a lot for your money.

It is easy to see why James Bond movies are filmed here. (Image courtesy of Getty)

Thailand is just a great all-round destination, with its amazing shopping, incredible food, divine beaches and plenty of fun activities, day or night, the perfect combination for a fantastic holiday.

What are the best places in Thailand for a holiday?

My absolute favourite is Koh Samui, where there is a beautiful blend of Malaysian, Chinese and Thai culture, and you can go from experiencing gentle village life to elegant five-star resorts.

Secret Buddha Garden on Koh Samui - a spiritual and serene place for some introspection. (Image courtesy of Getty)

What is your favourite foodie experience?

An absolute standout is the Street Eats tour in Phuket. This tour took me to secret local hangouts where I got to taste and sample the very best of authentic Thai food.

Sweet pancakes - mouth-wateringly great street food available in Phuket. (Image courtesy of Getty)

What is a typical day/itinerary like?

A typical day could start with a soak in the hotel pool, a stroll to the beach, maybe a morning of shopping, followed by a gentle tour to local village or shrine, with the day finishing with a beautiful meal, perhaps beachside – perfection!

Big Buddha is found at this temple on Koh Samui. (Image courtesy of Getty)

What is a favourite day tour your customers should try?

A beautiful tour is the snorkeling tour to Koh Phi Phi and nearby islands from Phuket. I am always left speechless at the beauty of these islands with their fantastic snorkeling and idyllic white beaches.

It really is this beautiful at Koh Phi Phi. (Image courtesy of Getty)

Where do you like to stay?

I like to stay and always recommend the Santosa hotels in Thailand. This elegant hotel chain always caters to a very wide audience, and their level of service is consistently high.

Is there anything that surprises you?

I am always pleasantly surprised that even though it is a very popular place for many travellers, it is still easy to get off the beaten track and experience the authentic Thailand.

There's plenty of affordable luxury in Thailand, that is also away from the main tourist areas . (Image courtesy of Getty)

Secret tip?

Try to book your internal flights before you go as part of your international ticket – it is better value and makes getting around a lot easier.

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