The Fun Way To City-Hop Through Europe This Summer

26 February 2018
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Good news: It’s not too late to travel abroad this summer and if your heart is set on a tour of Europe, the big-names in coach touring have some epic adventures up their sleeves. What’s so great about touring Europe by coach? Let us count the ways...

woman in sea in greece Nothing to worry about? That’s because there’s so much included on a tour. Image: Getty

Value for money

OK we’re not going to gloss over this because it’s a major factor. With no hidden costs and all your transport and accommodation up front, plus very often a whole swag of authentic local dining experiences included, your adventure is literally sorted when you do Europe on tour. Check out exactly what your chosen trip covers and chances are you’ll even be in for a few surprises. That sunset cruise on the Seine? Included. Wi-Fi on your coach? Included. Dinner at the Greek taverna? You got it – included. Having most of your major expenses wrapped up into one awesome bundle makes it so much easier to budget for anything else you want to buy or do on tour.

people hiking through italy Your holiday album will be great... your new friendships will be better. Image: Getty

Solid friendships

You’ll get to know people better over 10-or-so days in Europe than you would over a whole year of sporadic backyard barbecues and cafe catch-ups. Sure, not every other traveller is going to become the god-parent of your first child, but when you do meet ‘your people’ – wow, the whole trip will pale in comparison. It’s hard to imagine anything eclipsing your first time in Paris but yeah, lasting friendships are a pretty big deal.

friends in sea near yacht, france With so many extras, you can create the kind of holiday you want. Image: Getty

Amazing added extras

When you find the tour itinerary you’re looking for, keep in mind that this is just the beginning. These days tour companies are constantly seeking out the most thrilling, bespoke and unique optional experiences so that you can add even more brag-worthy tales to your travel bag. From a guided tour of the Vatican to a fancy cabaret show in Paris or a gondola ride in Venice, you’ll be able to choose extra things to do in both iconic hot-spots and off-the-beaten-track locations.

young man sitting on hill top, south tyrol Just want to take in the view? With free time, the choice is yours. Image: Getty

The option to do nothing!

Well, OK, you won’t really be ‘doing nothing’ will you. You’ll be ‘lazing on the beach in Barcelona’ or ‘sleeping in till 10am... in the Swiss Alps’ or possibly even ‘just having a coffee in Florence’. The point is, you’ll have plenty of free time to do whatever captures your heart, whether that’s getting up early and exploring your brains out or just taking it easy.

woman walking along coast path in italy Just turn up to the taverna at dinner time... minimal effort required! Image: Getty

Delicious local fare

It’s not just about eating locally – which of course, is what you’re going to do when you’re travelling – it’s about having someone else arrange a whole lot of delicious options for you so that you don’t have to do a thing. Who wants to traipse around a foreign city, searching for the best local pasta/tapas/schnitzel when you can have it delivered (not literally) on a platter? That’s right, fantastic food really turns a good journey into a great one, a coach tour of Europe is one way to make sure you get treated to the best.

woman at Sintra, portugal Enjoy just being in the moment, without having to worry about finding a hotel. Image: Getty

Accommodation, sorted

It’s late in the afternoon, the sun is low in the sky and – there’s no room at the inn. Thankfully, this is never going to happen to you if you’re travelling around Europe on a coach tour. Your chosen trip might be all about one style of accommodation or include a combination of a few but one thing’s for sure – you will have a soft, comfy bed to fall into every night.

woman taking photo on phone in europe Local history? Fascinating stories? Your tour guide can fill you in. Image: Getty

Expertise, 24/7

It takes a village to create an awesome, once-in-a-lifetime holiday and here are some of the coach-touring townsfolk: drivers, chefs, tour managers, local guides and on-site team members. You will be surrounded by years of knowledge, street smarts and colourful stories so make the most of your crew and pick their brains! It’s totally free and guaranteed to be 100% rewarding.

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