The Kids' Guide to Hong Kong Disneyland

19 April 2017
Read Time: 1.2 mins

Savvy kids are the best to judge how good (or bad) a theme park can be. How authentic, how tasty the food is, how scary the rides; they always know best. So here nine year old Allegra tells us what's so good about Hong Kong Disneyland. 

Why I Love it...

"You can do it in hald a day. The cool thing is if you're a bit older, it's safe enough to run off by yourself and your mum doesn't freak out." she says. 

Micky and Minnie are just the beginning of an adventure at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Favourite Ride

Space Mountain

We liked Space Mountain because you go really slowly up a giant hill and you see the planets and they talk about space and then music comes on and you start going really fast in circles.

Scariest ride

RC Racer

There weren’t any really scary rides for me, but they might be for the younger kids. RC Racer in Toy Story Land is fun. It went very high and you felt like you were going to fly off the ramp.

Best souvenir

Mickey Mouse necklace

My brother got a Duffy hat, which we still laugh about, and I got a cute necklace with Mickey Mouse on it. I also bought my cousins loads of Frozen stuff.

Top Tip

Get a map

This really is a place for younger kids. Older kids might be bored. Get a map, there are different lands to find – Toy Story Land, Adventureland and Fantasyland.

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