Flight Centre's Top 10 Blogs Of January 2016

3 February 2016
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Every day we post stories on destinations that inspire us, breaking travel news, tips for getting the most out of your holiday and personal accounts of our own adventures. So what exactly have our readers been most interested in during the first month of the year?

Here’s a list of Flight Centre’s most-read blogs in January, so you can catch up and keep up with all things travel in this fascinating world of ours.

1. 7 Best Waterslides Around The World

 Take a ride

Have you become tired with riding the same old waterslides in Australia? Here's a list of the best around the world, which send a few eye-popping moments your way including free falls and sharks.

2. The Indonesian Island To Rival Bali

Sumba surfing Sumba has novel way of blending beach and horse riding (Image: Orbitz.com)

With so many Australians having already visited Bali, many of us are searching for an alternative. Enter Sumba, an island with a slew of unique and memorable experiences, which has caught the attentions of travellers around the world.

3. Quiz: Where Will You Travel In 2016?

Travel Globe Take our quiz to find out what trending destination suits your travel style (Image: Getty)

A new year and new travel possibilities has everyone wondering where their next holiday destination should be. This quiz helps narrow down the slew of options by highlighting a place to suit your personality and style.

4. Top 10 Stopover Options To Double Your Holiday

 Stop in at Hawaii on your way to NYC (Image: Getty)

If you're interested in extending your holiday, these stopover destinations provide a great addition of culture, sights and relaxation. From Hawaii and the Maldives, to Dubai and South Korea, don't settle for one city.

5. New Airport Security Rules For Electronic Devices

 Changes to electronic device rules in the UK and USA (image: Getty)

Back in 2014, the rules regarding carrying electronic and battery-powered devices onto planes changed slightly for passengers flying into and out of the United Kingdom and USA. Still a relevant topic today, travellers are keen to stay up-to-date on all travel regulations.

6. 25 Interesting & Fun Aviation Facts You Never Knew

 We bet you don't know them all (Image: Getty)

Aviation can be a surprising world. It's impossible to know everything, but if you'd like to add to your trivia arsenal, here are some cool facts about flying that might surprise you.

7. New Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance

Virgin Australia Don't put yourself in the position of having to pay for excess luggage

Anytime major domestic air carriers change their baggage allowances the country takes notice. Here's everything you need to know about Virgin's baggage updates, which occurred in 2015.

8. Jetstar Cutting Baggage Allowance

 An overview of Jetstar's baggage allowance cuts

Another airline making headlines for cutting baggage allowances, Jetstar's changes came into effect back in 2014, but travellers are still interested in making certain they don't pay for additional luggage.

9. 25 Things To See & Do For Free In The USA

San Francisco Walk this famous street in San Fran

What's better than immersing yourself in a country's history and culture? Doing it all for free! Here's a selection of quality sights and experiences in the United States that won't cost you a cent.

10. Planning Your Flight: Baggage Guide

Checked baggage Check the weight restrictions to avoid paying fees (Image: Getty)

Clearly one of our biggest concerns when flying is adhering to baggage allowances. This guide offers an overview of what you can expect when it comes to carry-on and checked luggage, along with tips for travelling with infants and bulky items.

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