Flight Centre's Top 10 Blogs Of July

6 August 2015
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Every day we post stories on destinations that inspire us, breaking travel news, tips for getting the most out of your holiday and personal accounts of our own adventures. So what exactly have our readers been most interested in during the month of July.

Here's a list of Flight Centre's most-read blogs in July, so you can catch-up and keep up with all things travel in this fascinating world of ours.

1. Bali Volcano Eruption Affects Flights To And From Denpasar

 Raung Mountain as seen from a nearby town (image: Wikipedia)

The ash cloud from the Mount Raung volcano eruption in Bali disrupted numerous travellers heading into and out of the country. Flight Centre kept its customers safe with 24-hour support and regular updates.

2. Why Mauritius Is A Dream Destination

 Escaping winter in Mauritius (image: Getty)

A surprisingly cold winter got many of our readers dreaming about warmer climes. It's no surprise then to see this preview of a holiday to Mauritius jump to the second spot.

3. Canada To Introduce Electronic Travel Authorization In 2016

 You can now apply for Canada visas online (image: Getty)

Travel for Australians to Canada is changing in the future. At the beginning of the month, we gave our readers a rundown of what to expect come 2016.

4. Proposed Strike Action To Disrupt Australian International Airports

 A recent strike disrupted international passengers (image: Getty)

A recent strike by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection delayed a lot of incoming passengers to Australia. We were on hand to offer some advice and information to our readers.

5. Museums To Visit In Auckland

 War history at the Auckland Museum

It's good to see culture and our neighbours across the Tasman still inspire many travellers. This little piece offers a rundown of museums in one of the North Island's major cities.

6. Jetstar Cutting Baggage Allowance - What You Need To Know

 An overview of Jetstar's baggage allowance cuts

Budget airline Jetstar made headlines back in 2014 after cutting its carry-on baggage allowance. The changes are clearly still relevant today with a lot of travellers needing advice on what they can bring aboard.

7. How To Manage Your Travel Money In Greece

 Learn how the nuances of travelling with money in Greece (image: Getty)

Greece's recent financial crisis has injected the country into numerous news headlines. With travel in mind, Flight Centre published an article concerning money exchange and general advice for handling cash while travelling through the country.

8. 10 Ways To Help Reduce Jetlag

 Fight off that pest Jetlag (image: Getty)

Jetlag can be a pain for a lot of travellers. During July many readers were able to discover some handy tips for fighting it off, thanks to this helpful infographic.

9. Top Ten Stopover Options To Double Your Holiday

 Stopping over in Hawaii is one way to double your holiday

It seems making the most out of stopovers is still as relevant today as it was back in 2012 when Lauren Burvill listed the best ways to turn your stopover into an additional holiday.

10. New Airport Security Rules For Electronic Devices

 Changes to electronic device rules in the UK and USA (image: Getty)

Back in 2014, the rules regarding carrying electronic and battery-powered devices onto planes changed slightly for passengers flying into and out of the United Kingdom and USA.

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Ben Stower

I love the kind of travelling that is one part strategic planning and two parts spontaneous adventure. Whether I'm exploring my local city or a small town in the middle of nowhere, I'm always hoping to find something no one else has discovered.