Top 10 Most Liked #openmyworld Instagrams

27 December 2015
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They say a picture paints a thousand words, but on Instagram a great picture is worth a thousand likes or more.

In 2015, Flight Centre embraced the social platform to engage with nearly 80,000 users on a daily basis. Inspirational images were shared on behalf of users and 10 standout shots garnered the love of thousands.

Only two of the most liked images included any people in the shot, indicating Instagram users prefer images that allow them to imagine themselves in the frame.

Here are Flight Centre’s top 10 most liked Instagram images of 2015:

10. Italy By @kisforkani (1,848 Likes)

Travel Inspiration Sirmione, Lake Garda in #Italy with @kisforkani #openmyworld

9. New Zealand By @taramilktea (1,896 Likes)

Travel Inspiration Chilling with the homies of Hobbiton in @purenewzealand with @taramilktea #openmyworld

8. Gold Coast By @jasoncharleshill (1,920 Likes)

Travel Inspiration The magic that lays behind the Gold Coast #openmyworld with @jasoncharleshill

7. Iceland By @seanscottphotography (1,925 Likes)

Travel Inspiration A level 5 #AuroraBorealis is predicted for tonight in Iceland and our very own @seanscottphotography is going to catch it for you! Here's his shot of a level 3, 48 hours ago. Just, wow #openmyworld

6. Japan By @laurenepbath (1,957 Likes)

Travel Inspiration The cutest place on earth... Zao Fox Village, Japan #openmyworld with @laurenepbath

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5. Bali By @jewelszee (1,961 Likes)

Travel Inspiration A liquid balcony is always a good idea... At @sofitelbali with @jewelszee #openmyworld

4. Paris By @laurenepbath (1,969 Likes)

Travel Inspiration Underneath the Eiffel Tower at dusk with @laurenepbath #openmyworld

3. San Francisco By @seanscottphotography (2,142 Likes)

Travel Inspiration The best views of the #GoldenGate can be found at Battery Spencer #roadtripUSA with @seanscottphotography #openmyworld

2. Turkey By @buraktuzer (2,343 Likes)

Travel Inspiration Paragliding the Mediterranean coast of Turkey with @buraktuzer #openmyworld

1. Samoa By @helloemilie (2,512 Likes)

Travel Inspiration Watch with glittering eyes, the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it - Roald Dahl. To Sua Ocean Trench, Samoa with @helloemilie #openmyworld

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Laura Carlin

Give me big cities and culture over nature and wide open spaces any day, with the exception of a white sandy beach of course. Consider me a traveller with champagne tastes on a beer budget; I'd love my time overseas to be more glamorous than it often is. When in a new city you'll find me exploring the back streets to discover hidden gems by day and chatting with the locals with a drink in hand by night.