Top German Boutique Hotels

24 March 2013
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Germany has long been a front-runner when it comes to the visual arts. In this land of poets, thinkers and artisans, creativity reigns supreme. This is certainly the case when it comes to hotels, particularly in cosmopolitan cities with their finger constantly on the pulse of what is in vogue.

A number of accommodation providers are choosing to inject unique style into their rooms and make bold statements with charismatic designer hotels. If you have your sights set on an adventure in Germany, rest assured you will find some of the most interesting and luxurious lodgings in the world. Here are our top five recommendations for boutique hotels in Germany.

25hours Hotel 25hours Hotel. Image courtesy of the 25hours Hotel Company.

25hours Hotel
Hamburg's 25hours Hotel embraces retro chic style in the fullest sense. Brightly patterned wallpapers and egg-shaped chairs bring all the beauty of the 60s and 70s into the present. Rooms are categorised by size (M, L, XL) and feature technological marvels previously unseen in retro eras such as free WiFi, flatscreens and iPod docks. There is also a communal living room for cosy nights in, complete with a fireplace and jukebox. If you are reminiscing days as a flower child, 25hours might be the hotel for you.

Arte Luise Kunsthotel
Nestled in the city centre of Berlin, the Luise Art Hotel boasts 50 rooms designed by local and international artists where no two rooms are the same. The decor ranges from minimalist to surrealist and pop art to punk rock, allowing visitors sweet dreams inside a work of art. Beyond the creative surface, the hotel also features 24-hour service from staff and an in-house restaurant with menus focussed on regional flavours. Fun, vibrant and youthful, the Luise promises a unique stay for lovers of art and culture.

The Pure Hotel
The idea behind the Pure Hotel was to create a space without boundaries and the result is what you might imagine the inside of a cloud to look like. Sleek, modern and understated, this Frankfurt stay has a strong emphasis on balance and tranquility. Small splashes of wooden flooring and black accents play to Pure's futuristic style where even the staff dress in white from head-to-toe. Stylish meeting rooms and a classy cocktail lounge make this hotel a top choice for those travelling for business.

Anna Hotel
Munich, commonly known for its Bavarian beer-halls and Oktoberfest celebrations, shows off its cosmopolitan side at the Anna Hotel. The beauty is in the detail of this hotel with soft drapes, abstract sculptures and many other tiny touches that make the space feel like a home away from home. Rooms vary from petite to plentiful, with some featuring panoramic views of the city and red and purple mood lighting. The Anna Hotel is all about classic charm meets modern luxury and is ideal for a couple's retreat.

Stage 47
Dusseldorf's Stage 47 hotel partners with neighbouring theatres Savoy and Atelier to offer guests a peek behind the curtain of German cinema. Black and white portraits adorn the walls, with each room paying homage to a particular actor or artist. The emphasis on black and white cinematography is complemented by baroque patterns and furnishings. Stage 47 is a favourite stay for theatre buffs as well as serious shoppers, given its proximity to Dusseldorf's retail hot-spots. If you consider yourself a bit of a cinephile and appreciate a hotel with a chic edge, add this gem to your travel wish list.

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