Travel By The Stars: Where Will Your Zodiac Sign Take You In 2018?

5 January 2018
Read Time: 6.5 mins

International profiler Julianna Suranyi looks to the stars to find out how and where we’ll travel in 2018, according to your star sign.


20 January – 18 February

cruise ship on ocean The high seas await (image: Getty)

Transatlantic cruises are your favourite words for 2018. With open air and everything at your fingertips, the water makes you feel safe and the structure allows you to know what is coming and where to be.


19 February – 20 March

swizterland wine region overlooking water A glass of wine, crisp alpine air and this view = holiday bliss (image: Getty)

Switzerland is your place for 2018. A water sign who naturally gravitates to cooler climates and oceans – not just ‘water’, you also love a sense of home. Switzerland’s wine regions will give you great joy and relaxation.


21 March – 19 April

open road new zealand south island It's just you and the open road on New Zealand's South Island (image: Getty)

2018 is about exploring the world’s renowned peaks. As a fire sign, you should prefer the heat, yet colder climates attract you. New Zealand’s South Island is ideal to satisfy your need to explore but not be isolated.


20 April – 20 May

zanzibar water Zanzibar is a sun seeker's dream with its aquamarine water and powdery sand (image: Getty)

As an earth sign, you seek both the heat of water and the exotic. The desire to visit overseas markets is high for you in 2018. From Zanzibar, Tanzania to Majorca, Spain, your travel goal is exciting and exclusive.


21 May – 20 June

Aruba water The best kind of holiday blues await in Aruba (image: Getty)

A dual-natured person, you like quiet and culture, so Aruba and St Barts in the Caribbean are for you.  As an air sign, it’s all about the freedom to relax on the beach, snorkel and dive, and experience the quiet village life.


21 June – 22 July

bora bora pool French Polynesia is an idyllic tropical haven, no matter which destination you visit (image: Getty)


23 July – 22 August

woman hiking railay bay in thailand Strap on a backpack and hit the hiking trails around Thailand (image: Getty)

Leo on the go is your tag for 2018. Adventure is the aim and cold or hot – you seek action. Asia will be your focus, from treks to whitewater rafting and massages. It’s all about going hard and feeling refreshed.


23 August – 22 September

osaka castle Osaka isn't all flashy city scenes; between the high rises you'll find history, green spaces and even plenty of good food (image: Getty)

Traditional cultures with a flash of modern is your 2018. Osaka, Japan is high on this list. The ability to see the traditional with a forward-thinking lifestyle appeals to the Virgo nature of discovery and a love of history.


23 September – 22 October

majorca spain with friends From bustling marketplaces filled with heady scents and flavours to convivial gatherings with new friends, Majorca is a sensory explosion (image: Getty)

Majorca, Spain is coming through as an ideal travel spot for you. As an air sign, the openness of this stunning area will captivate your heart. The people, rich markets and culture will allow you to sense more than before.


23 October – 21 November

brac in croatia Scorpios will love the exclusivity of Brac, Croatia (image: Getty)

You love expensive and exclusive and in 2018, you should embrace it. Croatia’s Adriatic coast; the islands of Brac, Korcula, Hvar and Mljet, and Dubrovnik through to the Peljesac peninsula will ignite your soul.


22 November – 21 December

shipwreck bay greece aerial photo Easygoing Greece – and it's brilliantly beautiful Shipwreck Bay – ticks all the boxes for fun-loving Sagittarius folk (image: Getty)

You can easily flip between the Greek Islands or Tuscany. Fun, food, culture and going with the flow is the key. People and relationships are at your core, so flying with the expressive and fun crowd is your gig for 2018.


22 December – 19 January

alnwick castle in northumberland Play lord or lady of the castle at one of England's most iconic fortresses, Alnwick Castle in Northumberland (image: Getty)

Discovering new places and climbing is at the heart of your sign. You are more suited to cooler climates, so the UK is perfect. Seeing historic sites will give an insight into why and how you think so passionately.

Julianna Suranyi

As a leading Australian philosopher and intuitive, intuitive profiler and behavioural expert, Julianna gives detailed insights about people’s behaviours, motivations and predicted outcomes. Julianna has consulted with clients from Dubai, Hong Kong, London through to China, Cayman Islands and the USA for over 20 years in her roles as a philosopher, corporate trainer and strategic consultant to CEOs and as a behavioural manager.