Travel & Food With Chef Sylvain Delpique

29 January 2016
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Born and bred in France, Sylvain Delpique is the Head Chef at Manhattan's celebrated 21 Club. A genius in the kitchen, Delpique blends classical French cooking with contemporary flair.

Read below to learn more about Delpique as he opens up about his early days, love for New York and plans for future travel.

Sylvain Delpique Chef Sylvain Delpique

"I grew up in Albertville, France, and my fondest childhood memories were watching my father cook in the kitchen and canning ratatouille to store for the winter.

"I’ve always looked up to my grandfather. He taught me how to work with my hands and how to appreciate all of nature’s bounties.

"New York City is a great place for food because of the incredible diversity in international cuisine and the coming together of wonderful chefs from all over the world.

"I specialise in traditional French comfort food, and conscious sourcing and working closely with farmers is incredibly important to me. Many of our classic dishes at 21 Club originated in the 1930s by the restaurant’s first chef, Henri Geib, who also happened to be French.


"It’s an honour to work here and be a part of such history. One of my signature dishes is octopus carpaccio with Moroccan flavours, such as za’atar, cumin and cinnamon.

"I love taking my son to the parks in Long Island City. It’s my favourite place to go in NYC. When I have a few days off, I head to Upstate New York for a weekend getaway. I love it there because I get to camp and enjoy the quiet countryside.

"My next USA dream destination is the Napa Valley because of the incredible wineries."

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