Travel Hacks With Topdeck

19 January 2016
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With 40 years in the travel biz, Topdeck know a thing or two about making your adventures infinitely better and just that little bit easier.

Who are you?

Scan or take a photo of your travel documents – we’re talking passport, travel insurance, visas etc – and email them to yourself. Up your game by printing them out too, but keep them separate from the originals.

Where are we going?

 Got maps? (all images: Getty)

Make the most of any free wi-fi and save your Google Maps directions to your phone before you head out and explore. “Ok maps”.

Got juice?

Smart phones aren’t exactly known for their long battery life. Buy a portable phone charger to ensure your battery doesn’t die just as your about to take that iconic Santorini sunset shot. Ladies, some clutch bags also double as phone chargers.

Parlez-vous Anglais?

Don’t be that guy who gets yelled at in the boulangerie. Learning a few phrases of the local lingo not only broadens your cultural horizons, but makes a great impression on any locals you meet.


 Fill up at one of Rome's many free-flowing drinking fountains

Don’t blow your entire travel budget on an overpriced bottle of water near the Trevi Fountain. BYO and fill up before you head out. In Rome, you’ll find 2,500 public fountains flowing with clean, free water.


Even if you’re not a card shark, carrying a deck with you is a great way to kill time on the bus or break the ice. There’s nothing like a game of Kings Cup to bring people together.

What’s for lunch?

 See? No Golden Arches in sight

Save Maccas for your local drive-thru. Eating locally will not only save you precious travelling pennies and broaden your culinary horizons, but regional specialties also taste that little bit better than any foreign recreations of your favourite dishes from home.

Bit lost?

Take a business card from your hotel as it will help when asking for directions or catching public transport back, especially if English isn’t widely spoken. Or, take a #selfie in front of the hotel.

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Anna Howard

Give me street food over Michelin stars, cellar doors over wine bars and small towns and wide open spaces over big cities any day. Travel for me means ticking off the 'to eat and drink' list one regional flavour and wine bottle at a time.