Celebrity Travel With Pop Superstar Tina Arena

8 November 2015
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She’s one of Australia’s most popular - and longest-serving - music stars. In 40 years, powerhouse pop singer, Tina Arena has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide, notching up hit after hit.

A star in her native Australia and in Europe, where she now calls home, Tina’s path to fame began at the age of eight where she found fame on the small screen as Tiny Tina on Young Talent Time.

After a break of 12 years, the chart-topper staged a chart comeback in 2013, releasing her first English album in more than a decade - a record that went on to a achieve platinum status - and then penning a best-selling memoir and competing in Dancing With the Stars.

Now the 48-year-old is back with a brand new follow-up record, Eleven. Flight Centre sat down with the iconic singer-songwriter to get her travel tips.

 Tina's back with a brand new album

What’s your favourite holiday?

One with no telecommunications … oops. Did I say that?!

What’s your carry-on essential?

Books, paperwork, iPad and the occasional duty free purchase. However, the most important thing is my toiletry bag, which contains a collection of skincare lotions and potions that I'd be lost without.

I always cleanse my skin, apply a good amount of moisturiser and regularly use a hydrating mist throughout the flight.

How do you beat jet lag?

Slipping into the time zone and not stressing out too much about sleeping.

What’s your favourite city?

I really love Rome. It doesn't matter how many times I go, I just never tire of the visual splendour that surrounds it.

 "I never tire of Rome"

Where was your most favourite meal?

Again, I would have to mention Italy. It's almost impossible for me to favour one meal over another. Each plate is a discovery. One of my favourite places to eat in Italy is in the Emiglia Romagna region, which is where Parma ham comes from.

Many years ago - during a songwriting trip to Montefiore with a dear friend and occasional collaborator - I stayed in a hotel called Villa Lieri. This peaceful retreat would have to have one of the cleanest kitchens in the world.

Almost all of the produce is grown on the land which is attached to the hotel. Whilst organic and bio food is now all the rage, these guys at villa Lieri have been living this lifestyle for years. They grow their own wheat, make pasta, cheese and olive oil (which is to absolutely die for).

Never have I come across food so rich in its natural flavours and taste that it tops my list every time.

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Adventure or luxury?

It depends, if I'm tired and need a real break then it has to be luxury, otherwise adventure is on the cards.

What’s the essential ingredient for a good trip?

Good company and the right location - and the right season too. I’ll always start by researching a location and what it offers, that’s very important.

But in all honesty it depends on your personal state of mind when choosing to travel - hopefully your intention is to have a good time. For myself, I think it's important to respect the general flow of where you are. The choice of destination can also affect whether you have fun or not.

What’s your top travel tip?

Take it easy and don't over think it.

 Next stop Buenos Aires - "It looks absolutely amazing"

What’s your biggest packing mistake?

Packing everything, of course! Yes I'm guilty of that.

Where do you want to go next?

Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have family there and I’ve never been before so that’s reason enough, plus it looks absolutely amazing.

Tina Arena’s new album "Eleven" is out now.

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