12 Unbelievable Restaurants

4 February 2015
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For two days in 2015, from 23 to 24 February, the Tokyo Robot Restaurant will be serving up its out-of-this-world dining entertainment in Sydney to promote Contiki's new 13-day Japan Unrivalled tour.

Tokyo Robot Restaurant, which includes cabaret dancing, neon lighting and of course robots, may be the most bizarre dining establishment to reach Australia's shores. However, it's far from being one of its kind in the world.

Here are 12 of the world's most ridiculous restaurants that you'll either really want to eat at or never want to hear about again.

1. Redwoods Treehouse - Auckland, New Zealand

Let's start out mellow with the Redwoods Treehouse, a specialty restaurant built around a large redwood tree. It's reached along an elevated treetop walkway and the open slat design gives it a natural vibe.

Unlike the one at home built by Dad, this treehouse is a bit more elaborate than a few slabs of timber and a rope ladder.

 The open-air design adds more than a drizzle of nature to your meal (Instagram credit: redwoodstreehouse)

2. Modern Toilet Restaurant - Taiwan

Ever dreamed of eating out of a toilet bowl? You wouldn't be the only one who hasn't. Yet somehow the Modern Toilet Restaurant chain in Taiwan has become a popular novelty for diners. Guests sit down on toilet seats and are served traditional Taiwanese food in tiny toilets.

None of the toilets you eat out of or sit on are used in the traditional manner. There are proper men's and women's bathrooms for that; thankfully with actual toilets, not plates and bowls.

 A selection of toilet treats...I mean treats in toilets (Instagram credit: jenniferyenyuhua)

3. Disaster Cafe - Lloret de Mar, Spain

Coupling delicious food with a natural disaster isn't the most obvious culinary pairing, but it's exactly what patrons at the Disaster Cafe expect when they order. You could be sitting at your table enjoying your meal when, suddenly, the tremors of a simulated 7.8 earthquake begin.

The only thing you can do is wait it out, sit back down and hope the next one doesn't occur while you're holding a full glass of coke. Waiter, one order of fifty napkins please.

4. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - The Maldives

Considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, Ithaa seats you within a natural aquarium surrounded by colourful marine life including sharks. There are often schools of fish circling outside. Hopefully you don't mind being watched while you eat.

 Alfresco dining has nothing on sharks (Credit: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant)

5. Guo Liz Huang Penis Restaurant - Beijing, China

They're long, cooked and look like a deformed sausage from your local Woolies. Genitalia from a variety of male animals is served up at Guo Liz Huang where they believe the cooked penises possess specific health properties.

Among the most expensive dishes are the yak and seal penis. Adventurous foodies, you may have just met your match.

 A chef at Guo Liz Huang poses with a yak penis (Credit: Getty/Feng Li)

6. Dans Le Noir - London, UK

Dans Le Noir is a unique concept that seats you in complete darkness served by blind waiters. The theory behind the dark is to better deliver the tastes and smells of the food by removing sight, banish shyness and open up a more social dining atmosphere, and to reverse traditional human exchange by having diners guided by the blind.

Just make sure you remember what side your date is sitting on.

7. Fortezza Medicea - Italy

This restaurant takes the prison theme to a more authentic level. You dine within a still-functioning high-security prison where the inmates are waiters and only plastic cutlery is allowed.

Most of the criminals inside have been sentenced for violent crimes, so send your food back if you dare.

 A waiter serving 24 years for murder pours wine for a patron (Credit: Nick Cornish/The Telegraph)

8. Dinner In The Sky - Worldwide

You'll want to be comfortable with heights for this dining experience. Dinner in the Sky is a new and outrageous concept that suspends tables, chairs and patrons 50 metres high in the air. It has taken off in countries such as France, Spain, Australia and the United States.

 The Atomium in Brussles, Belgium is a view worth dining for (Image: Dinner in the Sky)

9. Dick's Last Resort - USA

If you think you've had bad table service, you haven't been to Dick's Last Resort. On the outside it appears like a fun, comical restaurant. However, you better have a thick skin because the staff serve up plenty of sarcasm and barbs of wit with your meals.

They'll even think up the best insult for you, write it on a dunce cap and make you wear it for the duration of your stay. It's not just one sided as guests get to dish the insults right back, so long as it's all in good fun.

10. S'Baggers - Nuremberg, Germany

Forget waiters, at s'Baggers you order your food on a computer screen and it's delivered to your table via an elaborate rollercoaster. The design ensures food and drink don't spill even when they're going around loop-de-loops. Maybe don't open that can of soft drink right away.

 The end of the ride for you schnitzel and Hefeweizen (Instagram credit: rollercoaster_nuernberg)

11. Zauo Restaurant - Tokyo, Japan

It's catch, keep and eat at this Japanese restaurant. You can be guaranteed fresh fish when you choose to hook your own meal from the onsite fishery. Patrons are given the fishing rod and bait, and cast into a tub of fish swimming around a surprisingly large wooden ship. You can forgo the fishing part, but you'll have to pay more.

 Fishing for dinner (Instagram credit: katedys)

12. Safe House - Milwaukee, USA

This spy-themed restaurant gets right into character with a secret code required at the door, cool spy gadgets within, secret passages and exits, and other spy gimmicks.

They also serve a unique martini that, after it's been made, travels through a pneumatic tube which shakes it up. Just the way Bond would've ordered his, if he'd ever frequented a bar with a pneumatic martini-serving tube.

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