Top 5 Unique Honeymoon Experiences

15 June 2012
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Channel 7 News recently ran an article promoting overseas weddings as the perfect antidote to, "spiralling budgets, moody bridesmaids, fighting relatives [and] the chance of rain."

According to Flight Centre's Warriewood Store Manager, Jessica Castleden, getting married abroad is a growing trend.

"I have organised three wedding overseas so far this year - two in Vanuatu and one in Fiji. These were just walk-in customers," Jessica Castleden told the AAP journalist.

 Fiji - A Popular Honeymoon Destination

It's no secret that the top international wedding destinations for Australian couples include Fiji, Bali, Vanuatu and Hawaii. These places all boast famed beaches – perfect for a relaxing honeymoon after the formalities. But for couples who'd appreciate a little adventure as well as relaxation and romance – these islands also offer terrific activities.

Emily Sonley is the Team Leader in charge of the Flight Centre's honeymoon experts. She asked her team to brainstorm top honeymoon activities once you're at your tropical island paradise.

Here are our top five honeymoon activities.

Horse Riding - Vanuatu
Appreciate the true beauty of Vanuatu with a leisurely ride along the beautiful beaches before heading inland to journey through the stunning Vanuatu terrain. Make the experience all the more special with a sunset ride by departing the ranch in the late afternoon and canter through a plantation towards a scenic look out.

Aphrodisiac Picnic in Bed - Bali
In Bali, a popular activity for couples is to have a picnic dinner on an antique bed set up on Canggu Beach. Arrive early with your loved one for cocktails, watch the sun set across the ocean before enjoying a beautiful dinner illuminated by oil lanterns under a moonlit sky.

Kayak to Admire Hienghenes' Limestone Cliff - New Caledonia
In New Caledonia, board a sea kayak in Hienghene and enjoy a three hour paddle on the water. Admire the famed limestone rocks & cliffs as a shared experience and kayak around the famous Brooding Hen, which has become one of New Caledonia's emblems.

Village and Waterfall Tour - Fiji
After a leisurely boat trip along the Navau River, where you'll see picturesque waterfalls and gorges, as a couple, you'll be taken to a traditional Navau village to witness a traditional Kava ceremony. Also included in this day trip is a tropical lunch and plenty of time is allocated to a refreshing swim.

Diamond Head Crater - Hawaii
Just outside Honolulu lies the spectacular Diamond Head Crater. After you've spent time on Waikiki, take a romantic stroll to the top of the crater and appreciate together the incredible views across the island.

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