Island Treasures In Vanuatu

29 June 2016
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Vanuatu – the name alone has a certain captivating ring to it.

The 'land that time forgot' is one of the easiest close-to-home options if you're looking for a little deserted island romance, cultural enlightenment or underwater adventures. Tucked between Fiji, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu serves up adventure with a smile.

Keen divers flock to Vanuatu for warm water, world-class sites and superb visibility. From plunging cliffs to sunken ships, if you've ever wanted to give diving a whirl there's arguably no better place to find your sea legs.

Come for the aquatic adventures and stay to conquer active volcanoes, sip kava with the locals, and witness the death-defying land diving ritual of Naghol.

Top Picks

Dive on in at...

  • The SS President Coolidge
  • The volcanic Tongoa wall
  • Cathedral Reef, Pango Peninsula

Enjoy the local tastes at...

  • French restaurant L'Houstalet
  • Upscale Elan in Port Vila
  • Luganville's market stalls
Group of divers exploring President Coolidge wreck in Vanuatu Explore war history beneath the surface (Image: Getty)

Handy 'Bislama' phrases...

  • Lukim yu! (See you later)
  • Hamas? (How much?)
  • Tankiu! (Thank you)

Time your visit to celebrate...

  • The Naghol (land diving) Festival
  • Dam Nipiyakeh Nalwan Festival
  • St Andrew's Festival, Rah Island

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