Vivid Light 2015

21 May 2015
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A lot happens in Sydney over the Vivid light, music and ideas festival. Almost too much to sum up in just one article; so we’ll focus on one the most spectacular elements: the light shows!

Vivid Light transforms Sydney into a wonderland of ‘light art’ sculptures, light installation and large-scale projections for the whole city to enjoy. All for free. Step out in Sydney between 22 May to June 8 and you’ll witness the world’s largest outdoor ‘art gallery’ through this fantastic celebration of light design.



Watch as artists and designers illuminate and transform Sydney’s urban spaces. Some ‘light show’ highlights include:

Vivid Path to the Future – watch Australia’s oldest university, University of Sydney, be transformed into a glittering canvas of light with added live performances.  25-31 May, 6pm-midnight, free.

Pyrmont & The Star – the harbourside precinct of Pyrmont turns into a multi-sensory entertainment zone where the crowd takes control of the show with interactive games and light activities. 22 May – 8 June, 6pm-midnight, free.

 Vivid Sydney at Chatswood 'Norbert the Nautilus'. Image: Vivid

Piano Stairs – AMP’s Piano Stairs take residence on the external staircase at of the iconic AMP Building at Circular Quay, turning it into a giant piano keyboard. Give your most ‘noteworthy’ performance! 22 May – 8 June, 6pm-midnight, free.

Paint the Town – watch the Sydney skyline be illuminated in this interactive light show. Kids (and big kids) of any age can ‘paint’ the town with light using a special touch screen to control colours and frequencies. 22 May – 8 June, 6pm-midnight, free.

 University of Sydney 'Space' by Electric Canvas. Image: Vivid

Geometric Eye – check out the large ornate ‘eye’ perched on the overpass leading to the Overseas Passenger Terminal. LED strip-lights are used to cleverly construct the abstract eye that changes and interacts with its environment. 22 May – 8 June, 6pm-midnight, free.

Transcendence – this show brings together the latest in technology and new media to create a computer-code driven light show. Each night a new artist will help create the ever-changing visual feast. 22 May – 8 June, 6pm-midnight, free.

 Customs House 'Jacaranda'. Image: Vivid

Vivid 2015 runs for 18 days from the 22nd of May until the 8th of June 2015. The festival features a host of the world’s most important creative industry forums and an epic, free public exhibition of outdoor lightning sculptures and installations as well as a cutting-edge contemporary music program.

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