8 Vivid Sydney Events We're Most Excited About

27 March 2016
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Over the last seven years, Vivid Sydney has grown from "that cool light show in Sydney" to one of Australia's biggest creative events.

More than 1.7 million people attended last year. While they did see some of the most spectacular light art installations ever made, Vivid also put on live music and DJs, creative seminars and workshops, and industry conferences and debates.

The event is a feast for creative types and those who admire the left-field thinking of our greatest artists and musicians. There will be more of the same this year, including the following events that have got us really excited.

The eighth annual Vivid Sydney will run from 27 May - 18 June 2016. Flight deals to Sydney are now on sale.

Vivid Sydney 2015 2015 Sydney Opera House - Living Mural: Universal Everything (Image: Vivid Sydney)

1. Bon Iver

27-30 May

The return of Justin Vernon's Grammy-winning band, Bon Iver, demonstrates exactly how influential Vivid is in the creative and music communities.

One of the most recognisable voices of the last 10 years will open Vivid LIVE with Cercle, an intimate 'round-table' performance.

After a lengthy hiatus, this will be the first time Bon Iver plays in Australia since 2012. Vivid will be his only performance in the country, so tickets won't last long.

2. Be The Light For The Wild

27 May - 18 June

For the entire duration of Vivid, each night Taronga Zoo will be illuminated in vibrant light sculptures of native Australian and Sumatra animals.

Walking along the lit trails, you'll be able to spot giant wildlife brought to life by sound effects and moving parts. An Asian elephant and Corroboree frogs will make up part of the 10 state-of-the-art lanterns, accompanied by other creatures including an echidna, crocodile and funnel-web spider.

Vivid Sydney Vivid will put a new spin on light and wildlife (Artist impression by Ample Projects)

3. Momentum

27 May - 18 June

This interactive installation will look at how different people see varying forms in optical illusions created by motion, 3D light and infinity.

One person needs to spin the wheel while another looks into the kaleidoscope-esque structure and watches as the light changes inside.

4. Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre

27 May - 18 June

Each night from 6pm, people will gather at Cockle Bay to witness one of Vivid's technological masterpieces.

The Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre will combine numerous state-of-the-art multimedia elements including moving fountains, flame jets, water-screens and lasers to create this breathtaking show.

The main water-screen mounted on a robotic arm (a world first) will bring the spectacle's dragon and other creatures to life.

Vivid Sydney The Laser-Dragon Water-Theatre at Darling Harbour will be one of Vivid's main events (Artist impression by The Pulse)

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5. The Sunrise 2016

30 May

This rare conference, run by Sunrise, brings together Australia's most successful startup founders and puts them in one room ready to share their stories and answer your questions.

From the billionaire co-founder and CEO of Atlassian, to the head of Google Fiber, these innovative Aussies know what it takes to create a profitable startup and can help you navigate the difficult beginning stages.

Vivid Sydney Pick the minds of Australia's leading entrepreneurs at The Sunrise 2016 at Carriageworks (Image: Vivid Sydney)

6. Just Drinks Mixer

3 June

A follow-up to Vivid's Speed-Networking event on 2 June, the free-to-attend Just Drinks Mixer puts you in the same room as local creative professionals.

The evening's tone is a lot more casual than traditional networking events, with a focus on making valuable connections instead of passing out business cards.

Settle in and have a chat with some of Sydney's most prolific industry experts including Kris Spann and The Rizzeria.

7. Robowars

5 June

A gold coin donation is all you need to enter the intense battle arena. Robowars is gathering Australia's best fighting robots for a one-day tournament that will include flame throwers, circular saws, mallets and more tools of destruction.

By day's end a champion will be crowned, and those left in its wake will bear more than a few cuts. Pay a little extra for reserved seating and see the action up close.

Vivid Sydney Curve Ball at Carriageworks (Image: Stuart Chater)

8. Curve Ball

11 June

One of Vivid's more innovative showcases brings art and live music together in one giant installation spread across two stages. The line-up hasn't been officially confirmed, but Vivid is promising some very experimental and electronic tunes that will feed into eye-catching visual art.

Food trucks and pop-up bars will also be available for those fortunate enough to secure tickets, which start at $79.

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