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Why A White Christmas Is The Best Kind Of Christmas

14 December 2016
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Sure there's something to be said for digging your toes in the sand on an Aussie Christmas at the beach, but it just can't beat the sparkle that comes with a metre-thick blanket of snow.

For this winter devotee, Christmas doesn't come until the flakes start to fly. You see, my childhood Christmases were the stuff holiday cards are made of – snowy scenes with frolicking children building snowmen, and white capped roofs complete with a twirl of smoke from the chimney. The very same chimney that Santa would shimmy down to leave presents before gobbling up a plate full of Christmas cookies.

The North American Christmas may see a drop in temperature, but that does little to cool down our holiday spirit. Quite the opposite in fact. The Christmas season is the biggest celebration of the year for many families across North America, and our over-the-top enthusiasm can be seen in every home dripping in twinkling lights, every shopping centre bursting with merry shoppers and every family, friend and neighbour that comes together to celebrate.

From the jingle of bells on a sleigh ride through the snow to the warming comfort of a hot cup of cocoa, here are just a few reasons why Christmas in North America can't be beat.

A young woman watching the snow fall Catching snowflakes makes for a fun winter past time

1. Watching the snow fall

It's true; no two flakes are alike.

2. Frosty windows

3. All the fairy lights

We're talking full Griswold here.

4. All the decorations

5. Hot cocoa with marshmallows

The best way to warm your hands on a chilly morning, afternoon and/or evening.

A group of friends warming their feet in front of a fireplace Fireside tootsie warming is a must come Christmastime

6. Crackling fires

7. The sparkle of freshly fallen snow

8. Reindeer are real

And they live here!

9. Mulled wine

10. Apple cider

Not the alcoholic kind.

A man dressed as santa skiing down a slope Even Santa loves the slopes

11. Skiing and snowboarding

12. Sledding

You've not lived until you've blazed down the side of a hill on a metal disk with no breaks.

13. White-capped roofs

14. Seeing your breath

15. Cosy winter gear

Knitted everything with duck down coats!

A starry winter night The cooler winter air makes it easier to spot stars

16. Starry nights

It just so happens the stars are at their brightest in the Northern Hemisphere winter

17. Evergreen Christmas trees

You can't beat the fresh scent of a mountain pine.

18. Snowball fights

19. Shovelling the snow

The necessary evil we all love to hate, though it's quite satisfying to clear a path through freshly fallen snow.  

20. Ice fishing

An outdoor skating rink in Chicago Outdoor rinks are plenty of fun when winter rolls around

21. Ice skating

22. Tree lighting ceremonies

Small town or big city, everyone has a local tree lighting ceremony. Think along the lines of Christmas parades, carollers, market stalls, activities and of course, lighting the local Christmas tree.

23. Hockey season

24. Christmas carols

25. Christmas Eve dinner

Yeah, it's a thing. Consider it a lead up to the main event.

A Christmas dinner Turkey is common in many US households, but everyone has their own unique favourite Christmas dinner fare

26. Christmas Day dinner

Turkey, ham and all the fixin's. Even better, it's not too hot to cook it all!

27. Leftovers

Is there anything better than a leftover turkey sandwich? Yes! Eating everything you want knowing you won't need to slip into your swimmers for a good six months.

28. Building snowmen

29. Gingerbread everything

Cookies, houses, cheesecakes ... you name it, we can make it out of gingerbread.

30. Christmas cookies

Santa watching a movie holding a remote and popcorn What's your favourite Christmas flick?

31. Christmas movies

A Christmas Carol, National Lampoons Christmas Vacations, Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful life ... I'll take them all while snuggled up in a warm blanket on the couch.  

32.  Pumpkin pie

33. Ice and snow sculptures

And all the festivals to show them off

34. Snow angels

35. Eggnog

A group of friends laughing in Christmas sweaters Christmas sweaters are the best way to stay warm and cosy

36. Christmas sweaters

The uglier the better, we say!

37. Building snow forts

A favourite past time for any child with a free winter day on their mitten-clad hands

38. Sleigh rides complete with sleigh bells

39. Siddling up to your sweetie under the mistletoe

40. It is kind of a big deal

There's no other time when the generous spirit of North Americans is quite so evident, and it's hard not to get caught up in the joy of this infectious holiday energy. Anyway, who would want to? It's the happiest time of the year!   

Carlie Tucker

Travelling is for discovering the unexpected. From fantastic meals in ramshackle joints to stumbling upon a best kept secret, I love those fortuitous travel moments that couldn't be planned if I tried.