Why Coach Touring is the Best Kind of US Road Trip

30 June 2017
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The road trip is deeply ingrained in American culture. Those miles of interstate and vast open skies… it’s enough to make you want to get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway. From song lyrics about freedom to movies like Easy Rider, the US road trip is a source of never-ending fascination and inspiration. While being behind the wheel has its allure, another way to embark on this epic experience is to leave all the hard work to someone else. Choose where you want to go, then sit back and enjoy your chauffeur-driven US road trip, coach-style.

Everywhere You Want To Go

Two men looking at view of Monument Valley No matter what’s on your bucket list, there’s a tour that covers it. Image: Getty

What does a US road trip look like to you? American music cities? Canyon Country? Vegas to the Bay? Do a little research and chances are, no matter where you want to go there’s a tour to match. There are hundreds of tour options out there – the hardest part is deciding what you want out of your road trip. If it happens that you can’t find the one grand tour that hits all your must-see cities, consider taking two smaller tours back-to-back.

Fun and New Friends

view of table as friends share wine and a meal You never know… friends made on tour could become friends for life. Image: Getty

While a road trip with your partner or a small group of friends is undoubtedly an adventure, consider how much fun you could have with a bigger group of like-minded travellers. You won’t click with everyone on your tour, but the people you do connect with will probably become good friends. This is the stuff that life is made of, and you miss out on all of it when you ride off into the sunset on your Harley Davidson.

Free Time To Do Things Your Way

Woman shopping at market With plenty of free time, you can create the kind of tour you want. Image: Getty

Any coach tour worth considering is going to give you plenty of free time to wander around – or rest up – to your heart’s content. Everyone is different and travels for different reasons. Free time in the various destinations enables you to seek out the experiences that interest you, and make the trip truly your own ­– like time to wander the French Quarter of New Orleans or simply enjoy a leisurely creole lunch at the restaurant of your choice. What’s great about free time is that when you do all get back together, there are plenty of stories to share.

Sit Back and Relax

Man watching sunset Fewer tasks to take care of will free you up to simply enjoy the ride. Image: Getty

How far is it from LA to Vegas? How long is that going to take? How far apart are the gas stations along the highway? Where’s the spare tyre? Let’s face it, when you’re on holiday you want to relax and enjoy yourself, not be overwhelmed with the logistics of making your trip happen. Do you really want to deal with a crack in the windscreen or try to find accommodation at 9pm when you roll into Memphis late? Not really. You want to hand over all that detail to someone else. On a coach tour, you can.

Experts Who Know What They’re Talking About

Woman with camera on mountain top Your travel guide will be a good source of insider knowledge you can’t get anywhere else. Image: Getty

To be honest, travel guides aren’t in it for the money. They do it because they love it ­– they love travel, they love meeting new people, and they are forever passionate about helping others realise their travel dreams. On any coach road trip, you’re going to have someone like this to talk to. Make the most of it! This is first-hand access to someone with in-depth experience of not just the trip you’re on, but most likely a whole load of destinations. Beyond their know-how, your expert guide will be able to arrange one-of-a-kind experiences using their local connections. Whether that’s the first foot in the door at popular holiday hot spots or side-trips to places you never would have known about, you can’t overestimate the benefit of an expert on tour.

See More On Tour

Mt Rushmore Touring helps you many more highlights than you may have thought possible. Image: Getty

Another reason why a coach tour is the best way to do a US road trip is simply value. There are definite benefits to having your accommodation and other experiences booked as part of a group and you’ll notice this if you compare the cost of doing a similar itinerary on your own. 

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