Why You Should Choose an Adventure Holiday

18 April 2017
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Sure, a flop-and -drop holiday has its place, and a break that’s about eating all the foods will satisfy; staying in 5-star luxury away from the hoi-polloi will make you feel like royalty, and exploring the road well travelled will never disappoint. But what if I told you that you could have any number of these experiences and more on an adventure holiday?

Why not flop beside a secluded island beach in Cambodia? Or take your tastebuds on a real food adventure in Peru? How about staying in a 15th-century fortified palace in Rajasthan? Or touring Soho’s historic pubs with a London local?

Adventure holidays let you do all this and more. Here are five reasons you should choose adventure for your next holiday.

Get Off the Beaten Track

A salt island in Djibouti's Lac Assal. Image: Getty A salt island in Djibouti's Lac Assal. Image: Getty

Have you heard of Djibouti’s volcanic salt lakes, limestone pillars and sunken plains? Have you even heard of the tiny African nation? An adventure holiday will take you to places you never even knew you wanted to see. From the reefs of Belize to Bulgarian mountains, the Bedouins of Oman to the biodiversity of Papua New Guinea, the polar bears of Greenland to the iguanas of the Galapagos, the adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Thrills, Thrills and More Thrills!

Waves crash against an iceberg in the Drake Passage. Image: Getty Waves crash against an iceberg in the Drake Passage. Image: Getty

How do you get your thrills? Is it revelling in the rock, jazz and pop of Morocco’s Gnaoua Festival, cycling past crumbling hill forts on the road to Pushkar, or crossing the notorious Drake Passage to Antarctica? Adventure holidays are short on boredom and long on excitement, and will give you bragging rights for years to come. It might just be time to step outside your comfort zone.

Food, Glorious Food

Hands hold ripening coffee beans. Get a buzz harvesting coffee beans. Image: Getty

If you’ve never had an adventurous palate, an adventure holiday is the perfect starting to point to broaden your tastes. And if you’re something of a foodie, it’s time to amp up your appetite. It doesn’t have to be outrageous to be authentic – take a cooking class, visit markets and farms, tour breweries and dine on street food. You can even harvest coffee in Antigua or grapes in Greece.

Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw

A close-up of a rare black rhinoceros. Head out in search of the rare black rhino in Africa. Image: Getty

There’s nothing quite as inspiring – and sometimes terrifying – as coming face to face with an animal in the wild, getting out of our urban existence and back to ‘Nature, red in tooth and claw’. An adventure tour can take you there in safety, as well as in a responsible way that makes the protection of wildlife paramount. So don your survival suit and go kayaking with Minke whales in Antarctica, or traverse the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater in search of the rare black rhino. You won’t regret it.

Real-Life Experiences

A young girl in a field in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Visit hill tribe communities in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Image: Getty

Opt for an adventure tour with operators under the Intrepid umbrella – Intrepid, Peregrine, Geckos and Urban Adventures – and you’ll travel, eat and sleep the local way. Plus, you’ll have the expertise of a local guide who can show you more than the guidebooks ever will. Take the local angle to a whole new level with homestays, community visits and dining in bars and restaurants that only the locals know. It’s immersive experiences like these that truly stay with you.

*Featured image: Cambodia’s Sihanoukville Beach. Image: Getty

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Renae Spinks

Travel for me is about conversations and connections. There’s nothing like setting foot in a new land and meeting people a world apart. From talking to North Sea fishermen in Norway’s Lofoten Islands to breakfast chat at a B&B in my own back yard, there’s always a story to share and a tale to tell.