Inside The World's First Robot Hotel

17 July 2015
Read Time: 1.1 mins

Japan has always been a leader in technology and they've done it again, today opening the world's first hotel staffed entirely by humanoid robots.

The Henn-na Hotel, located in Nagasaki, has 10 multi-lingual staff that look very similar to humans, including one staff member from the pre-historic period.

To celebrate this quirky, but ultimately innovative venture, we've got an inside peek at the Henn-na Hotel. Scroll down to see what you can expect during your stay.

 The Henn-na Hotel, the world's first hotel to be staffed by humanoid robots, opened in Nagasaki today, July 17. All images: 2015 Bloomberg Finance LP
 While hotel guests worldwide generally value personal service, this 72-room hotel will be staffed by 10 eerily life-like robots
 The futuristic robots have been designed to look as though they are breathing and can also blink and make eye contact
 An animatronic dinosaur is on hand to check-in English-speaking guests
 The humanoid robots are multi-lingual and will be able to converse with guests in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese
 Robots will also deliver room service, which can be ordered via a tablet computer
 Robots will clean rooms, carry luggage and greet guests at reception
 Rooms will cost from A$77 (Y7,000) per night for a single and from A$100 (Y9,000) for a twin
 The robots have been designed by Kokoro, a company that has been developing 'actroid' robots for more than a decade
 The hotel is located within Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park which seeks to recreate the life of a typically Dutch town
 Human staff will be on hand to ensure service is not compromised
 Doors will be fitted with face recognition technology, allowing guests to access rooms without the need for key cards
 The room temperature is controlled by a system that detects the body heat of guests and adjusts accordingly
 Hideo Sawada, president of Huis Ten Bosch, said: "In the future, 90 per cent of the hotel's services could be carried out by robots."

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