Use Your Flight Centre Credit Card in the World's Great Shopping Malls

16 May 2013
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Later this year, Flight Centre is planning to launch a credit card. With a visa or mastercard option, travellers who use the credit card internationally won't be hit with those annoying foreign currency fees and they will also enjoy discounts on travel insurance. There is also a rewards scheme that can be redeemed on any Flight Centre travel product and the cards will feature the latest card technology.

Given that the Flight Centre Credit Card is a great addition to your wallet when travelling, here at Flight Centre we'd thought we'd profile the world's great shopping malls - where the card is sure to come in handy.

 Shopping Malls are a great place for the Flight Centre Credit Card

The Dubai Mall, Dubai
From the Emirate that redefined the shopping experience, The Dubai Mall has reinvented the shopping experience. Boasting 1,200 shops, this is the world's largest shopping mall when calculating the total area and attracts around 750,000 visitors each week. If you can draw yourself away from the shops, the kids will appreciate exploring the Dubai Aquarium and the Discovery Centre, both of which are contained within the Mall. There's also an Ice Rink and SEGA Republic. Your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied at Candylicious, the world's largest sweet shop.

West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton
When the West Edmonton Mall opened in September 1981, it was the largest mall in the world; a title it lost in 2004. Today however it continues to hold the mantle of North America's largest shopping mall with over 800 stores and attracts around 28.2 million visitors each year. For the kids there's an amusement park called Galaxyland, which features 24 rides and attractions and an indoor waterpark that boasts the world's largest indoor wave pool. Also on offer is a miniature golf course, cinemas and an indoor lake, which is home to a sea lion.

Trafford Centre, Manchester
While England is more commonly associated with the High Street flurry and boutique shopping centres, the Trafford Centre in Manchester defies the trend with 280 retailers all under the one roof and attracts around 35 million punters each year. Interestingly the architectural design features an unusual rococo/late baroque style that harks back the region's history. The centre's food court, named The Orient, is the largest in Europe and provides the perfect opportunity to refuel before again hitting the shops after lunch.

CentralWorld, Bangkok
A visit to Thailand isn't complete unless a solid day is dedicated to shopping and there can be no better place to indulge your passion than at CentralWorld in Bangkok. The complex formally opened in 1990 and enjoyed substantial expansion in 2006. The principle stores include Toys R Us, Uniqlo and the bookstore B2S. There's also Zara, Guess, Timberland and Calvin Klein. For the ultimate shopping experience, consider staying at the Centara Grand hotel, which is contained within CentralWorld.

Mall of America, Minnesota
The almost symmetrical Mall of America features 530 stores including the iconic names of Bloomingdale's, Macy's and Abercrombie & Fitch. At the very heart of the mall is Nickelodeon Universe, a theme park that features terrific roller coasters and is landscaped with natural foliage. Also for the kids and kids at heart is the Sea Life Minnesota Aquarium, where enthusiasts can admire the 4,500 marine creatures including stingrays, turtles and sharks.

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