Your Favourite Flight Centre Blogs Of 2017

29 December 2017
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What has been the top travel news of 2017? What destinations are you loving and what tips are you looking for? 2017 has been another big year in travel and, as always, anything to do with flights and airports is extremely popular. Also amongst your favourite blogs of 2017 are the hidden gems of Australia plus New Zealand’s most instagrammed locations. It seems we just can’t get enough of our own backyard. Here are ten of the most popular Flight Centre blogs of 2017.

10 Of The Most Beautiful Places In Australia You've Never Heard Of


We all know that Australia is full of spectacular scenery and fantastic holiday locations... but what about the undiscovered places of beauty? In this increasingly photographed world, many travellers are seeking landscapes they have never seen before. That's what makes this the perfect read. Discover places you may have never heard of, here.

How Much Does A Beer Cost Around The World?

beers Craft breweries are big news in many of the major cities around the world. Image: Getty

There’s the coffee index (and the Starbucks index) to give globetrotting caffeine addicts an idea of the hip-pocket costs of buying your favourite beverage around the world, but what imbibers of the world really want to know is, where you can you get the most beer for your buck? Our mates at Travel Money Oz crunched the conversion rates in some of our favourite overseas destinations to find out how much a cold one will cost you (based on exchange rates as at June 2, 2017). Read the full blog here

Window Versus Aisle: Which Is Better For A Long Haul Flight?

aeroplane interior If you're talking long haul travel, this is the hottest topic of all. Image: Getty

How do you make the best seating choice when you're about to take a long haul flight? It's an entirely personal choice, and this blog asks you all the right questions to make sure you know, once and for all, where you stand. Or rather, where you sit. Read the full blog here

How To Do Europe On A Shoestring – Like A Pro

travellers in rome Savvy travellers know how to make their cash go as far as they do. Image: Getty

A dollar is a dollar. A euro is a euro. A pound is a precious pound. They may not be created equal, but you’ve got to save one, two, three – 100, even – wherever you can. As any wanderlusty traveller needing to do Europe on a shoestring knows, every little bit adds up. This clued-up guide is loaded with easy travel tricks. Check them out here.

All About Singapore's New Changi Airport

drawing of fountain in new changi airport Artist's impression of Changi Airport's magnificent Forest Valley. Image: Changi Airport Group

What's not to love about a sneak peak into the planned upgrade of one of the world's busiest airports? This blog takes you through all the exciting things in store for global lifestyle and aviation hub: Changi Airport. Read all about it here.

50 Tips For Flying With Kids

family in airport Flying with kids; it doesn't have to be a nightmare when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Image: Getty

For the best advice on flying with tots, teens, tweens and in-betweens, go straight to the experts – parents! This blog rounds up tips and trick from our Flight Centre Travel Experts, who are also parents themselves. Pick up some handy clues in the full blog here.

8 Things To Know Before Bathing In A Japanese Onsen

Woman in onsen Greer soaks up the soothing waters of a Japanese onsen as part of The 48 Hour Destination tv series. Image: Flight Centre

Flight Centre Consultant Greer Gardiner experienced the joys of onsen in her whirlwind 48 Hour Destination exploration of Japan. This blog gives you rare insider tips on what to know before enjoying your own onsen session. Read the blog in full here.

Flight Review: Brisbane To Vancouver Flying Air Canada

Tail of Air Canada plane Air Canada's iconic maple leaf is instantly recognisable. Image: Air Canada

Canada is fast becoming a favourite holiday destination for Aussies – our data shows 15 per cent more travellers visited this year compared with 2016. With direct flights from Brisbane to Vancouver with Air Canada, there’s now a seamless connection to the Great White North from Southeast Queensland. But what is it really like to fly with Air Canada in Economy Class on a 14-hour non-stop flight? Read all about it in our Brisbane–Vancouver flight review

New Zealand's Most Instagrammed Destinations In 2017

Lake Tekapo Beautiful Lake Tekapo. Image: Matt Crawford

This one's a no brainer. Who wouldn't want to see some of the most incredible New Zealand scenery and discover even more fantastic must-see destinations? You get why this one is on our 'most popular' list. See the full collection of images here.

5 Quick Beach Escapes You'll Need A Passport For

cocktails by pool A relaxing international beach escape is never far away. Image: Getty

A quick getaway doesn’t have to be an Aussie one. This blog tells you all about how you can escape the drone of the everyday, earn a stamp in your passport and find yourself in an exotic paradise all in the time it takes to watch a handful of in-flight movies. Read more here.

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