Holy Heck You Can Zipline Across Niagara Falls

11 June 2016
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We're still trying to come to terms with this news, so bear with us for a moment. Zip-line. Over. Niagara. Yep, it's real. Adrenalin-loving company, WildPlay (located in Ontario, Canada) is making the North American summer one of the best with two new thrilling adventures.

The Mistrider Zipline offers four parallel ziplines that run across the river gorge, passing Horseshoe Falls and delivering a sight few people will ever experience. The guided ride is gravity powered and lasts for 670 metres.

Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Zipline past Horseshoe Falls this summer in Canada (Image: Getty)

For those who prefer less of a ride and more of a challenge, the Whirlpool Adventure will more than suffice with its three cliff-side high-ropes courses. Numerous suspended obstacles will test your climbing, jumping, swinging and balancing skills, all while attempting to distract you with the Niagara River below. There's also a bit of ziplining thrown in.

However, the most testing experience will surely be the What's To Fear Jump. This loose-line jump from 12 metres high will measure your mettle and give you an uncanny rush of blood and nerves.

The minimum age for certain ropes courses is five years old (12 for the Extreme Course), while participants of the Mistrider Zipline must be seven years or older.

A single zipline ride costs CDN$49.99 and the Whirlpool Adventure starts from CDN$39.99 with the What's To Fear Jump a CDN$19.99 add-on.

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