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The One Reason You Should Book Your Europe Holiday Right Now

26 February 2020
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There’s plenty of reasons to visit Europe, but if you only need one…

A field of lavender in Provence, France A field of lavender in Provence, France is a wish-list sight.

From swoonworthy art to breathtaking architecture, delicious regional dishes and ancient sites, there’s so much life to immerse yourself in on a Europe holiday. Seeing the famous structures and historic places from literature, film and art in person or tasting your favourite cuisine in the very country of origin is truly one of those experiences you cherish always.

And the warm glow of the summer months with longer days and balmy nights is the perfect time to enjoy all that Europe’s cities, coast and countryside has to offer.

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Year after year you’ve seen the images on your social media networks – your mum riding the trams in Lisbon, a friend of a friend swanning around parks in Paris, your sister’s flatmate at Oktoberfest, your grandparents cruising in the Baltics, uni friends in a Dublin pub. Even your workmates are headed on a Greek Island-hopping trip or chasing waterfalls in Iceland.

Cycling the French alps Channel your inner Tour de France champion by cycling the alps.

When the Australia winter rolls around, everyone else seems to be chasing the sun in Europe.

But – and there’s no delicate way to say this – Europe can a little on the pricey side in summer when it’s high season and in high demand, especially for us Aussies on the other side of the world.

Taking a photo of the Acropolis Walk in the footsteps of the ancient Greeks at the Acropolis.

So, here’s a travel hack so you can be the one in Europe in summer, this year. Diving off sailing yachts into blue water off Croatia. Tasting all the flavours of gelato in Italy. Enjoying a picnic of oozy cheeses and crusty baguette in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Cruising the Med. Cycling in the Netherlands. Traipsing around the Swiss valleys. Maybe taking in a summer festival or two. Yes, you.

Group sailing in Croatia Hands up who want to go sailing in Croatia?

The one reason you should book your Europe holiday right this minute is because now is the absolutely last chance to book your Europe trip for 2020 summer. And best of all? Book now and you’ll save big.

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From flights to Europe to ocean cruises and guided tours where you can see a little of lots of countries or a lot of one destination, from late February to early March is when a range of premium cruise and tour companies need to offload the last of their inventory – and that means big savings for Europe-bound travellers.

Couple on scooter in Italy Live la dolce vita in Italy like the Italians do.

You already have a list of reasons why you want to go to Europe (visiting the David Hasselhoff Museum in Berlin, learning to dance flamenco in Seville, drinking absinthe in Prague and public bathing in Budapest, perhaps?), so take our advice and book now to live it up in Europe this summer.

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