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6 Destinations For Holidays With The Entire Family

22 February 2020
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Just when you’ve got the family back in routine...wham! School holidays turn up. Again. 

We understand that when the holidays roll around, it’s a real juggle to ensure quality time is spread evenly across the family. The grandparents want to pop around most days, the eldest child needs to be entertained 24/7, the youngest wants to see the latest release at the movies and there’s that 2nd cousins 10th birthday party. 

Next time, don’t get caught out. Let us plan a holiday that the whole family will want to be a part of, so you can take a step back. Here are six destinations for multi-generational holidays that are sure to tickle your fancy. 

1. The South Pacific Islands

a shack on a white sandy beach looking out to the ocean. It's a sunny day There are plenty of snorkel spots throughout the South Pacific

Travel to multiple South Pacific islands in one holiday by booking a couple of cabins on a cruise. There’s plenty of options to suit the whole family (and budgets!) including interconnecting cabins, bassinets, suites and more. During the ‘at sea’ days, you can relax by the pool while the kids are busy in the kids club and the grandparents are trying their luck at bingo.

While docked at a tropical island, join a shore excursion for an adventure or take a snorkel kit ashore. Don’t forget to add Cruise Cover onto your Cover-More insurance policy - just in case. It’s also important to note that some cruise lines do restrict the number of child passengers, so be sure to check availability with your Travel Expert in advance. 

2. Japan 

a busy crossing in tokyo with lots of lights and colours from the ads Loose yourself in Tokyo

Japan has a lot to offer families from cultural experiences to sought-after slopes and cutting-edge technology districts. There are plenty of accommodation options in major cities but if you’re after a more traditional accommodation experience, you will need to book in advance. To get around, buy a JR Rail Pass, which gives the whole family access to a huge network of public transport including trains, buses and ferries. 

If it's an adventure the family is after, book an all-inclusive stay at Club Med. Three resorts in Japan have got you covered, regardless of what season you choose to travel. Kabira Ishigaki on an island east of Taiwan is perfect for those travelling in summer and Tomamu Hokkaido or Sahoro Hokkaido are perfect for families wanting to ski or snowboard in the winter.

3. Vietnam

a Vietnamese man walking in a colourful vetnamese street Discover a Vietnam while on a small group tour

Take the family on a truly immersive holiday by booking a group tour led by a local guide. While Intrepid Travel has a number of family adventures in destinations around the globe, the Vietnam Family Holiday is the most popular.  In fact, there are multiple Vietnam itineraries to choose from based on children’s ages, comfort level and how long you want to travel for.    

Travelling in a small group with like-minded travellers will allow the whole family to experience all that Vietnam has to offer, as the itinerary is specifically designed with a balance between included activities and free time. Ask your Travel Expert for the essential trip information, which includes everything you need to know from visa information to detailed itinerary.

4. Indonesia 

a man looking out onto a beautiful landscape of cliffs that stretch out into the ocean Adventure during the day in Indonesia

If you’re a fan of cheap and cheerful beach holidays, chances are you’ve been to Indonesia. The island of Bali is easy to get to with affordable, direct flights operating daily, not to mention an array of resorts and villas to choose from. If the family is wanting to laze around a private pool villa, check out Nusa Dua, Seminyak or Ubud, where two and three bedroom villas and suites are plentiful.   

Alternatively, create an itinerary filled with exciting day trips. For a holiday jam-packed with adventures, consider staying in Legian or Seminyak, as tour companies are likely to offer pick up and drop off services. To save a bit of money, consider heading to Bali with carry on luggage and return with checked luggage for all of your, er, shopping.   

5. New Zealand

a family standing on a mountain top with a lake and other mountains in the background Seek adventure in New Zealand

Are your family thrill-seekers or outdoor lovers? Then New Zealand is just the ticket! There are a couple of different ways you can explore New Zealand, depending on how much time you have, how much you’re willing to spend, season and travel style. You can cruise New Zealand from the east coast of Australia, travel in a motorhome, hire a car and stay in hotels or even join a group tour. 

Both the north and south islands of New Zealand have plenty of outdoor activities that operate all year round, but if you’re keen to ski or snorkel, you’ll need to choose winter or summer respectively. If you’re planning on doing some more extreme activities such as glacier walking or heli skiing, be sure to ask your Travel Expert for the appropriate travel insurance.    

6. Hawaii

Waikiki Beach with Diamond head in the background Could you picture yourself here? Me too.

The beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu is closer to Australia (and more affordable) than you may think! You can pick up direct flights from the east coast for a steal when they’re on sale. Subscribe here so you don’t miss out! 

If you want a complete package for the family, look no further than Flight Centre Exclusives. Each month, a plethora of packages are released, offering families the opportunity to book a discounted holiday with plenty of inclusions. Think flights, accommodation, breakfast, resort credit, airport transfers, free Wi-Fi and more! 

There are also plenty of Hawaiian cruise options that allow you to see more of the Hawaiian islands.

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