Where New Yorkers Go For Luxury

7 December 2017
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While the traditional ideal of luxury is alive and well in New York, it’s the smaller and more unconventional luxuries that appeal to everyday New Yorkers.

New York female with dog New Yorkers love their luxury, and their dogs

Lesser known and exclusive experiences are valued more as luxury over more costly things to do and see though don’t worry, there are a few things New Yorkers will always splurge on. Starting with…

1. Champagne on top of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Arguably, The Met is one of the most beautiful museums in the world, located in Manhattan’s lush Central Park and just off Fifth Avenue, the colossal museum houses the largest art collection in the US. The museum also boasts a Roof Garden Bar during the summer months that provide some of the best views in the whole city. New Yorkers know to come here on a weeknight after work to avoid the weekend tourist crowds for a sip of NYC luxury.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or 'The Met' to local New Yorkers

2. The Russian and Turkish Baths in the East Village

The 124-year-old bathhouse on East 10th Street in the East Village is a New York institution. Previously known as The Tenth Street Baths, they were reportedly a hangout for gangsters who preferred deaf masseurs so they could talk business and were also frequented by Frank Sinatra and John Belushi. Nowadays the sweat of celebrities mixes with regular New Yorkers, and in recent years has become a staple of many of the area’s resident hipsters.

East Village, Manhattan, NYC Greenery lines the streets in Manhattan's East Village Manhattan New York

3. A sleepover at the Natural History Museum

Doesn’t every kid dream of sleeping over at a museum….well New Yorkers are rather well known for their reluctance to grow up, meaning that in this city there are a few incredibly rare experiences like sleeping over at the famous Natural History Museum. ‘Dino Snores for Grown Ups’ begins with a welcome drink followed by a three-course dinner, live music, edible insect tasting and an all night movie marathon before camping out under the blue whale skeleton that hangs above the Hintze Hall. The night only happens a couple of times a year and tickets sell out immediately so securing a ticket really is an exclusive luxury for any New Yorker.

4. Hair colouring at Warren-Tricomi Salon or John Barrett

To keep their flaxen locks looking perfectly natural, one of the biggest luxuries a New York women can indulge in (if they can get a booking) is at the hair salons of Warren Tricomi and John Barrett. Not only are both salons the go-to for celebrities, heiresses, Hollywood legends and politicians but they both reside in some of the most sought after real-estate in the whole city. Tricomi is based in the legendary Plaza Hotel and Barrett sits atop of luxury shopping mecca, Bergdorf Goodman. Getting a booking can be tough though, these salons fill their appointments months in advance.

New York Mani A clean, neat manicure is considered a luxury necessary by many lucky New York ladies

5. Weekly ‘mani pedis’

Most New York women would rather go hungry then skip their weekly manicure and bi-weekly pedicure. The spectrum of cost for this sort of pampering can spread widely from just USD $10 for a mani through to the more boutique options at a trendy manicure salon like Ten Over Ten which can sit around USD $40.

So why not live like a New Yorker yourself.  Add a touch of luxury to your next stint in the Big Apple with an experience like one of these, just talk to one of our Flight Centre First & Business experts and they will be happy to add a little slive of luxury to your next New York itinerary.  

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