Best Baths In The World

27 April 2022
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Is there anything more relaxing than taking a hot, soothing bath? There is – doing it while you soak in an incredible view. From private outdoor tubs with unforgettable coastal views to steamy onsens gazing out at snow-capped mountains, the world is filled with baths that would make your Instagram followers envious.

Here are some of the best baths in the world:


Qualia – Hamilton Island

Starting close to home, this tub at Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island exudes luxury with stunning views that overlook the water.



Santorini – Greece

Santorini in Greece has so many amazing and unique baths that it could have an article all to itself! We just can’t get over the view from this tub at the Dreams Luxury Suites.



Thalia Haven – Tasmania

Picture this – you are taking a long, hot soak in the tub while watching the sun turn the sky stunning shade of pink and orange as it rises over the ocean. Does it get much better than that?



Shangri-La – Bangkok

With views like this, we could spend all day in this tub at the Shangri-La in Bangkok - or at least until we turn wrinkly.



Mitchell Grass Retreat - Queensland

Mitchell Grass Retreat in Longreach, Queensland is the ultimate glamping experience with tubs that offer an authentic view. You’ll feel truly connected to the rugged yet charming Australian Outback.



Elsa’s Kopje – Kenya

Enjoy a long soak as you watch the sunset over the unapologetically beautiful Meru National Park. Bonus points for the natural soundtrack provided by the park’s wild inhabitants.



Punta Tragara – Capri

Sitting elegantly above the Faraglioni rocks and gorgeous white stone of Capri, Punta Tragara is truly stylish. While the views from the infinity pool are stunning, there is something truly special about looking out over the rocks and sea from the privacy and serenity of a bath tub.



Onsen Hot Pools – New Zealand

New Zealand’s beauty is second to none – imagine watching the snow fall on those iconic mountains as you relax in a warm onsen.



Kangaroo Valley – New South Wales

Nestled in Kangaroo Valley, two hours' drive from Sydney, this bath is the ultimate way to connect with nature.

While the idea of a glass bathroom might be confronting for some – there is no need to fear. The bathroom is made on one-way mirrors, so you can see out, but no one can see in. This helps the structure blend in, and make the environment feel untouched.



Six Sense Samui - Thailand

Taking a warm bath is always a relaxing experience but taking a bath overlooking the perfect blue waters of Thailand certainly takes it to another level.


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Luke Wilson

Luke is a laidback soul. His ultimate holiday is a tropical island getaway to places like Fiji or Vanuatu where you can find him unwinding on the beach, sipping his favourite fruity drinks.