Romance On The River With APT Cruising

21 May 2014
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Cue the piano accordion, dim the lights, fix your gaze upon the horizon and watch the water ripple by. A river cruise is as dreamy and beautiful as you dare to wish and APT cruising is more than ready to welcome you on board. Here's what you can expect when you set sail on the world's most scenic waterways.

 All aboard with APT

Romantic notions

If romance springs to mind when you hear the words ‘river cruise’, you’re not alone. Boutique APT ships have a cap on passenger numbers and boast intimate lounges, ensuring you’ll feel inspired and all loved up. Don’t worry if you’re not travelling as a couple. It might be the sight of a quaint Austrian village or the promise of a portside shopping trip in Prague that gives you goose bumps instead of your special someone.

Don’t rock the boat

Suffer seasickness? We've got good news – a river cruise doesn't come with the motion sickness of ocean travel. You’ll enjoy smooth, calm waters along the way that will set your mind and stomach at ease, leaving you to relax and enjoy your holiday. With only adults on board, serenity is practically guaranteed.

Views to you

The majority of APT cruise suites offer private balconies meaning fresh air delivered right to your door and amazing vistas 24-hours a day. You can literally sightsee in your pyjamas if the mood takes you. Imagine waking up in a new country and enjoying the rare chance to see destinations from the waterways that once serviced pioneers, farmers and traders.

Inclusive travel

Planning a trip can be painstaking and stressful. River cruising, with its fully inclusive prices, pre-determined itinerary and flexible stay options, can take away the hassle of holiday planning. Your APT cruise also offers exclusive experiences at no extra cost. You might even experience private access to Vienna’s City Palace with a cocktail reception and concert thrown in! Meanwhile, passengers can enjoy four to seven different dining experiences on board every ship.

It all starts in Europe

Europe is your stepping stone into the world of river cruising. Lap up the luxury as you traverse the waterways cruising along the Rhine, Main, Danube, Moselle, Seine, Douro and Rhône Rivers. Think of the history waiting to be explored as you tour 12th Century castles, plus chateau visits, wine tastings and Michelin-starred lunches. It doesn't get much better than that.

A very special Christmas

A river cruise along the Danube visiting towns and villages at the height of their Christmas celebrations will deliver a fairytale voyage. There are markets with mulled wine, festive lights, sweet roasted almonds, hot chocolate and decorative window displays like you’ve never seen before. Why not finish your Christmas shopping while holidaying in a winter wonderland? You can experience the ultimate white Christmas with a 10-day cruise from Nuremberg to Budapest.

Around the world

If you’re ready to explore beyond Europe, many more delights await. Rivers the world over are set for discovery with the Mekong, Yangtze, Ganges, Nile and Mississippi standing by to initiate you into new worlds and cultures. Bon voyage!

Marina Barbaro

Marina Barbaro has written for Australian travel guides and traversed widely for business and pleasure. She loves to tour a city by night, mix with the locals and hear her name pronounced differently around the world. She has enjoyed the beauty of many countries including Fiji, Vietnam, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.