A Disney World Tour

24 December 2010
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Flight Centre's Michael Cassis has travelled to every Disney park in the world. His love of Disney has taken him from Anaheim in California to Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and back to Florida in the USA. He is obviously an expert in all things Disney, so let's hear from Michael about the parks that he has visited.

There's something really magical about a Disney park. It's true. From the minute you walk through the gates you feel like a kid. The best part is that every destination has something to offer.

Disney Disney


Anaheim in California is the original and still, many will argue, the best. The rides include the amazing Indiana Jones Adventure and the classic Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, the ‘Pirates' ride came before the movie. Then there are the shows. ‘Fantasmic!' and ‘World of Color' are worth the price of admission alone. With two parks and over fifty attractions, it's a destination that will require more than a day to visit.


Walt Disney World Resort in Florida was Walt Disney's final project before he passed away. It has four world class theme parks, two water parks, over twenty themed hotels, golf courses, entertainment districts and even it's own race track. Walt Disney World has it all. My pick of the theme parks is Disney's Animal Kingdom. The newest park has rapidly grown into one of the world's most beautiful theme parks. Part zoo, part theme park, this park has something to offer everyone. While you're in Orlando, don't miss the ‘Illuminations' show at Epcot or Mickey's ‘Philharmagic' at the Magic Kingdom Park.


Disney's first international park was opened in Tokyo, Japan. It now has a sister park too, Tokyo Disney Sea - quite simply the best theme park in the world. It may not have the bright colours of the other Disney parks, but Tokyo Disney Sea is Disney at its best. Absolutely immaculate, breathtaking, and perfect, this park is not to be missed on any trip to Japan. If you don't believe it's a very ‘Japanese' thing to do, just ask the locals. These two parks are the most visited theme parks in the world because the locals cannot get enough.


Then there's Disneyland Paris. Again, two parks, and both are well worth a look. Disneyland Paris is the ‘big kids' Disneyland. With more roller coasters than any other Disney park, these two parks definitely target adults - but there's still heaps for the kids as well. Don't miss Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain in the Disneyland Parc. Both are the best versions of these rides world wide. Crush's Coaster in the Walt Disney Studios Parc is unlike any other ride in the world – it is heaps of fun!

Hong Kong

Finally, there's the new park on the scene - Hong Kong Disneyland. While much smaller in size and scope than any of the other Disney parks, it still has plenty to offer. It is an ideal day trip out of Hong Kong if you wish to escape the bustle of the city. There are lots of new developments on the way too.

What is it that makes a Disney park so special? I have too many memories from my wonderful experiences to mention, but there's one that I will never forget. Two years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend five days in Anaheim over the last few days of November. The park was open to midnight one Sunday night and my friends and I were in the park late taking advantage of the lower crowd numbers. One of my friends took a photo that afternoon of Main Street USA. The street was decorated with yellow flowers everywhere to celebrate Thanksgiving which had been the weekend before. The next morning, when we went into the park, every flower on Main Street was Red. In the course of eight hours, the Disney gardeners had changed every pot and every flower along Main Street. The park looked completely different. It was now Christmas.

That's the Disney difference.

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