Five Tips for Destination Weddings

18 April 2012
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From tropical island nuptials at sunset to saying 'I do' within a snow covered winter wonderland, more and more people are abandoning traditional weddings to tie the knot in an exotic location. While getting married is as good excuse as any to take a trip, destination weddings are also said to be less stressful and in some cases, less expensive, than traditional weddings at home. If you're planning a wedding and considering a ceremony far away, take note of these five useful tips before you book your dream destination wedding.

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Plan in advance

When it comes to organizing a destination wedding, timing is everything. Aim to organize your wedding at least six months to a year in advance in order to avoid sell outs and nab a good deal. Travel is also very seasonal so consider your budget when making a decision between the low and high seasons, while also taking into account the destination's climate.

Get the numbers right
Before you put a deposit down, it's important to get the numbers right first. While everyone would love the chance to join you in an exotic location for your big day, not all of your guests will be able to afford to spare a few days away. For this reason, it's essential that you work out the number of guests who will be attending before you book. Send out a save the date card to your guests and ask for a tentative head count to give you an idea of who is planning to make the trip.

By The Law
When it comes to tying the knot abroad, marriage legal requirements can vary from country to country. Most countries have residency requirements and identification such as passports and birth certificates are essential. Before you book, make sure you contact the specific tourist board to find out all of the information you need.

Seek out savings
Destination weddings may sound extravagant, but they actually offer numerous cost-effective solutions. Firstly, a destination wedding can also be combined with your honeymoon, saving any extra expenses you may have had. In addition, your wedding party may also qualify for group travel discounts, allowing everyone to save on their trip.

Book with a wedding professional
If organization isn't your forte, you may benefit from seeking help from a professional. Wedding travel agents are the experts when it comes to destination weddings, and can help organize and guide you in the right direction to create your dream nuptials and honeymoon. From airport transfers to package deals and group travel, wedding travel agents can take the stress out of organizing your wedding travel and seek out the best deals for you.

To talk to a wedding travel expert about destination weddings, contact our designated wedding and honeymoon travel experts team on 1300 405 158.

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