Cheers To 10 Legendary Patty's Day Outfits

10 March 2016
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St Patrick's Day is less than one week away. On the day that everyone wants to be Irish (and holidaying in Ireland), you really don't want to be the only one not adorned in classic Patty's Day attire.

If you want your name inscribed in the annals of St Patrick's Day lore, we recommend opting for a version of these legendary outfits. At the very least you should be wearing green.

1. Dead Paddy

2. Oooh Chihuahua

3. Go The Full Paddy

4. Nailed It Harry

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5. Small Hat, Big Glass

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More St Patrick's Day inspiration

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6. All In One

7. The Three Leprechauns

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8. One For The Bub

9. Paddy Double-Up

10. The Missing Ingredient

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