13 Of The Best/Worst Travel Stock Photos

20 March 2015
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Stock imagery. It's a blessing and a curse. A minefield of beauty, hilarity and confusion. With close to 1,500 posts on the Flight Centre blog, we've come across some doozies when it comes to travel stock photography.

Here are 13 travel-related stock photos that are all at once terrific and terrible. You can't look away.

 "Young tourist couple sharing hotdog, New York City, USA"

Nothing says 'romance' like sharing a dirty vendor hot dog with your bae in NYC.

 "Man jumping inside suitcase from the stairs"

Who said packing can't be fun?! Not this guy.

 "Happy tourist"

The socks and sandals, the straw pith hat, the precarious position... it's all just too much.

 "Japanese business woman sleeping on a train floor"

Should we tell her there are at least four perfectly good, empty seats right there? Friends don't let friends sleep on Shinkansen floors.

 "Portrait of man drinking cocktail under shower"

There's nothing cooler than standing under a shower with a pina colada in hand. Keep doing you, pina colada guy. Never change.

 "Couple jumping out of airport bridge onto seashore"

I think they're taking us for fools. Pretty sure this is a direct violation of most aviation safety rules. I doubt that would be a smooth landing.

 "Elderly woman driving a motorcycle"

Nanna's got skills. And travel insurance, hopefully.


This is definitely what all Englishmen look like. London has the highest concentration of bowler hats, moustaches and tardiness (not really).

 "Exotic wedding - best bride ever"

There's a good chance this woman is doing a screen test for a Toyota ad, and is also proof you should take it easy on the mini bar before you say 'I do'.

 "Funny young businessman with swimming trunks next to the pool"

If you take your work on holidays, this is what can happen. Split holiday disorder is no laughing matter. Okay, it kinda is. What exactly is he going to do with that tiny swan ring?!

 "Man carrying surfboard in airport, smiling"

This guy needs a holiday. He's wearing his best shirt and really, really, REALLY needs a holiday. I'M TOTALLY RELAXED, YOU GUYS.

 "Beautiful young man taking a photo of herself"

I think the caption says it all. If only we could all be this really, really, ridiculously good looking.

 "Businessman out in the city"

"Just act natural". This guy is clearly upset about only having packed business suits for his big city holiday. Or is planning world domination. Either way.

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