How To Show Love Without A Padlock

13 February 2016
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If you've ever travelled through Europe or spent Valentine's Day overseas, you've probably noticed and maybe even contributed to the love locks on the bridges.

These 'symbols of love' have recently split the citizens of Paris after contributing to the collapse of the Pont des Arts in 2015 (they were taken down shortly after).

More bridges are at risk, but there's also the problem of couples tossing the keys into the rivers while giggling with pre-teen infatuation. Obviously metal keys aren't good for the water or marine life.

Sometimes love does hurt, but not unnecessarily. So instead of destroying beautiful historic bridges and marine ecosystems, here are some other ways to profess your love while travelling.

Take A Couple Selfie

Cute when done right. Instantly deleted when done wrong.

Or Forget The Selfie ... Go With A Caricature

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Because true love is seeing past those comically enormous ears.

Kiss Under A Waterfall

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You'll know why once you try it.

Get Married!

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In Vegas ... if you must.

Or At The Very Least Propose

Paris has plenty of settings more romantic than a bridge covered in padlocks.

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Profess On The Lennon Wall

"Love is feeling, feeling love".

Take The Literal Leap Together

The more flippies you do, the stronger your love.

Give Them The World's Most Beautiful Flowers

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At the Chelsea Flower Show!

Leave A Lifetime Reminder

Just avoid any full names, maybe even initials ... only to be safe.

Tick Something Off Their Bucket List

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Remember to invite them along as well.

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