The Most Bizarre Items Lost On Ski Slopes

24 February 2015
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A life-size cut out of EastEnders murder victim Lucy Beale, 13 mankinis and 17 selfie sticks were among the detritus lost in the mountains this season by skiers and snowboarders.

The bizarre array of items was left behind in resorts by guests of tour operator Crystal Ski Holidays, which says the discarded property recovered so far this season has been a record haul.

A survey earlier this year by the Post Office found that one in six skiers leaves something behind after a holiday on the slopes, with an average value of $400.

The most common abandoned items were glasses, phones and foreign currency. It seems Crystal's guests travel with slightly more eclectic luggage.

 Remember to take your items home - you may need them again (Getty)

The tour operator said the following items were found by its staff in December and January:

  • 12 pairs of ski goggles
  • 13 mankinis
  • 1 Lucy Beale life-size cardboard cut out
  • 1 flute
  • 17 selfie sticks
  • 1 fireman's constabulary badge
  • 15 pairs of long johns
  • 1 walking stick
  • 3 pairs of Spanx's “slimming intimates”
  • 98 Father Christmas hats
  • 2 unopened Christmas presents
  • 1 size 7 left ski boot; 1 size 8 right ski boot

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A spokesperson for Crystal Ski Holidays said: “With our resorts accommodating more than several hundred thousand guests this season, it's unsurprising that so much lost property was left behind. However some of the more bizarre items have caused disbelief in our staff.

“What has been interesting in the finds is that you can start to track the trends of our customers.

 The mankini is one of the most left-behind items on ski slopes (Getty)

"Despite Borat being released in the cinema nearly 10 years ago, the mankini is still a 'style' trend, and the selfie stick, touted as the must-have Christmas present, was obviously not popular with 17 of our customers.”

The spokesperson added that no staff saw the cut-out of Lucy Beale, whose death is at the centre of BBC soap EastEnders's 30th birthday celebrations this week, arrive at the resort.


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