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1 January 2016
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Last year was a big one for travel in Australia and around the world with new attractions, emerging destinations and once unreachable countries opening their doors.

Flight Centre has been amongst the action from the first day, providing holiday inspiration, tips, news and more with its online travel blog.

Which stories resonated the most with our readers? Here are the top 20 articles from 2015.

1. Insider Tips For Scoring A Box Seat

Plane seat Nothing but the best

Everyone wants to know the secret to getting the best seat in economy. This article offers valuable tips on making sure you never get seat envy.

2. 7 Best Waterslides Around The World

waterslide Wish you were here?

An unexpected favourite, waterslides were on everyone's mind during the hot spring and summer days in 2015. Here are seven that will leave you wishing you could ride them all today.

3. Jetstar Cutting Baggage Allowance - What You Need To Know

jetstar How much baggage are you allowed now?

No one wants to pay for excess baggage, so when Jetstar cut its carry-on allowance back in 2014 Australia took notice. Clearly still relevant today, readers have continued to flock to this story to make sure they're not caught out at the departure gate.

4. Standing Ovation For Australia's Newest And Largest Cruise Ship

Ovation of the Seas A rendering of the Ovation of the Seas in Sydney Harbour (Image: RCI)

The announcement of Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas making shore in December, 2016, left everyone talking and thinking about the possibilities of cruising. This article will get you just as excited as we are by breaking down the best parts of this state-of-the-art ship.

5. Top Ten Stopover Options To Double Your Holiday

Hawaii Hawaii is great for a stopover on the way to New York (Image: Getty)

An oldie but a goodie, this article was published way back in 2012 and is still attracting readers with the reality of combining two holidays in one. The list of stopover destinations has helped many add another exciting holiday onto their already planned trip.

6. The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Marches Into Melbourne In 2016

Edinburgh Military Tattoo Performers at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland (image: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo)

Scotland's world-famous music performance, The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is already a sold-out event for 2016. Don't feel sad if you missed out. You can still see the performers on their next visit or go witness them over in Edinburgh.

7. New Travel Application To Be Made Mandatory For Australians Visiting Canada

customs Canada's visa changes will change travelling into the country for Australians (Image: Getty)

Changes in visas always garner attention, so the amount of interest in Canada's new electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) for Australian residents wasn't surprising. Becoming mandatory this year, the new eTA system will make getting into Canada a lot easier and faster.

8. Airline Review - Spotlight On Cathay Pacific

cathay pacific Cathay is nearing 70 years of flying in 2016 (Image: Cathay Pacific)

This handy inside look at Cathay Pacific offers expert knowledge on the popular airline including cabin classes, baggage allowances, lounges and the rewarding loyalty program.

9. 9 Airport Greetings Deserving Of An Award

airport greeting One of the best airport greetings (Image: techeblog.com)

How do you want to greet your friends and family at the airport? These creative individuals all raise the bar on airport greetings, utilising funny signs, costumes and a makeshift margarita bar.

10. Bali Volcano Eruption Affects Flights To And From Denpasar

departure board No one expected to end their holiday amidst a volcanic eruption (Image: Getty)

One of the biggest news stories in travel for 2015, the eruption of Mount Raung in Bali caused havoc to travellers and locals as Denpasar's airport was forced to shut down. The disruption lasted for more than one month and many flyers had to sleep inside the terminals. Flight Centre provided regular updates, keeping readers on the road and at home up to date with all the information.

11. 25 Interesting & Fun Aviation Facts You Never Knew

flying in plane Discover more about aviation (Image: Getty)

The aviation industry is one of the most used in the world, yet many of us are still in the dark about its history, highlights and future. These facts showcase aviation as the fascinating industry we all love.

12. New Virgin Australia Baggage Allowance - What You Need To Know

virgin australia Can we expect more changes in 2016?

Like with Jetstar's changes to baggage allowances, when Virgin reassessed its own allowances in the first half of 2015 Australians wanted to know what was different. This article provides an in-depth look at the new allowances for checked baggage with Virgin Australia.

13. New ESTA Visa Rules For USA Travel - What You Need To Know

departure gate What do you need for an acceptable ESTA? (Image: Getty)

Visas remain one of the most daunting and stress-inducing elements of travel. One of the hardest countries to enter, the USA's ESTA makes life easier for Australians provided we present the necessary information. This article breaks down what's required for acceptance and entry into the country.

14. Top 6 Places To Celebrate NYE In Australia

sydney harbour Sydney Harbour always puts on a show (Image: Getty)

It's too late now, but weeks before New Year's Eve in 2015 people from all around Australia were checking out the best spots for bringing in the new year. If you spent the biggest night of the year in your lounge room, you might want to check out this list for next time.

15. Top 5 Famous Los Angeles Streets

rodeo drive Rodeo Drive is one, but what about the other four? (Image: Getty)

Australians have a fascination with LA. The city's beaches, shops, celebrities and nightlife all draw numerous Aussies to America's west coast. We're equally obsessed with LA's famous streets evident by the number of people who've been reading this gem since 2012.

16. Step Into The Aircraft Time Machine

flying in the old days A flying coffee lounge on Braniff International in the 1930s

We've certainly got a few aviation and history nerds out there. This article takes you back in time to when flying was an otherworldly experience with projectors not TVs, armchairs not seats and smoking on board.

17. Here's What You Can Rightfully Pinch From Your Hotel Room

toiletries Toiletries are complimentary (Image: Getty)

Are we all petty thieves or just looking for some legal freebies? Here's a list of what you can and can't take from your hotel room in case you're that way inclined. Let's face it. Most of us have at least helped ourselves to the miniature shampoo and conditioner. Towels on the other hand ...

18. The Best Of Fiji's Adults-Only Resorts

over-water bure Relax in your stylish over-water bure

If a holiday away from noisy children is your dream, one of these resorts in Fiji might be exactly what you need to make it a reality. Six adults-only resorts make up this list for travellers who prefer cocktails and spas over waterslides and dirty diapers.

19. 8 Ways To Catch 40 Winks At The Airport

snooze cube Much better than the floor (Image: Snooze Cube)

Being tired at the airport is not fun, especially when your only option for a bed is the tiled floor or somehow getting comfortable on top of armrests. Fortunately, some of our most-loved airports provide specialised places for sleeping including private pods and miniature suites.

20. Overdose On Adrenalin With These 5 Thrilling Bali Activities

canyoning waterfall You’ll need your strength and wits while traversing Bali’s environment (Image: Getty)

Bali isn't all bungalows and walks on the beach. The country is home to some of the world's best thrills. This article reveals the best ones if you're looking to get your blood pumping on your next holiday.

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