Buckle Up For Laughter - 5 Must See Airline Safety Videos

11 November 2014
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As a travel writer, flying is simply a fact of life. Luckily for me, it’s is one of the things I like most about my job. Naturally, with all the flying, and all the different airlines, you’re bound to see a fair share of airline safety videos.

Some stand out as both an informative safety tool and as an entertaining introduction to an airline’s culture and brand. While equally important and informative, others are a no-nonsense, straightforward recitation of the typical safety drill. And I will never admit to sleeping through several of them.

But the days of long winded, boring airline safety videos seem to be disappearing at a rapid rate.

The launch of the latest Air New Zealand Hobbit inspired safety video is touted as 'the most epic safety video ever made'. With guest stars Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson and directed by Taika Waititi, it's more like the opening to a blockbuster movie then a simple pre-departure safety video.

So sit upright, buckle up and pay attention. Here are some of my favourite entertaining airline safety videos.

Air New Zealand - Hobbit

Shot over six days at various New Zealand Middle-Earth locations, the latest video from Air New Zealand has been turning heads - in the direction of the TV screen prior to takeoff. This 4min 35sec video is filled with all the hobbit adventure and madness you've come to expect. The teams from Miramar, Weta Workshop and Weta Difital provided the costumes, prosthetics, makeup and the visual effects.

Air New Zealand - Richard Simmons

If Air New Zealand are the king of safety videos then it only made sense to have the king of camp featured in an all disco, all dancing, colour filled safety video. The high energy display featuring Richard Simmons will have you singing the ever popular 1988 Yazz hit 'the only way is up' for possibly the entire duration of your journey.....baby.....you and me now....

Virgin America - Rappers Paradise

You will need to buckle up to get down with this fast paced, high energy safety video from the uber cool Virgin America. Enlisting the services from American Idol finalist Todrick Hall, this choreographed rapping video features young rappers, nuns, robot crumping life jacket demo and a contortionist seat belt display, all in a catchy song.

Thomson Airways - Alice and friends

They say never work with children or animals but taking the award for the 'awww' factor would have to be this children's version of the Thomson Airways safety briefing. Presented by piggy-tailed Alice and her crew, she systematically walks you through the safety briefing with hands on her hips, finger wagging and stern, but cute, instructions. You may want to clap by the end.

Virgin Atlantic - Cartoon

What does James Bond, Orient Express, outer space and the wild west all have in common? A feature in the latest Virgin Atlantic safety video. This entertaining cartoon keeps you watching intently for what will come next. Full of twists and turns this is cleverly put together and not your average safety video.

Do you have a favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason Dutton-Smith

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